Accountancy & Insurance Graduate Application & Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Accountancy & Insurance

Application Advice: Use each stage of the application process to highlight your own personal strengths and experience and prove how these make you suitable to the role. Many applicants will have similar applications so try to and highlight how yours stands out.
Interview Advice: Be diligent with your CV and application form as they will be closely scrutinised in interviews. The interviews focus more on you and your experiences rather than how much you know about insurance; be sure to prepare for questions about your achievements and experiences and link these to a potential career in insurance.
Graduate Trainee, at Tokio Marine Kiln Group
Application Advice: Make sure you try to demonstrate the skills that you have and how you could apply them to the position. Research the company and how they differ to others in the industry.
Interview Advice: Be sure to know your application form and CV inside out, and be prepared to answer any questions on these.
Graduate Trainee, at Tokio Marine Kiln Group
Application Advice: Similar advice I would give before applying for any role - research the company. Babcock's business is very diverse so it is important to do some proper research beforehand.
Interview Advice: Be yourself - the assessment centre is an overnight process so it is too long a process to try and put on an act. An extensive knowledge of finance prior to the interview is not essential.
at Babcock International Group
Application Advice: Try and stand out with extra-curricular activities; if you show an interest in business/finance as well then that will help for the business focussed roles such as audit like me.
Interview Advice: Be confident and do your homework! It's good to be prepared and find out what you can about us before turning up.
Senior, ABS at Smith & Williamson
Application Advice: Do your research and fully understand who we are and why you want to work for us. We have a unique offering in the market, so you want to make sure we are what you are looking for.
Trainee Chartered Accountant, Audit at Smith & Williamson
Application Advice: Finance graduates not required to have prior experience - need to show you have the appropriate skills/aptitude.
Finance Graduate, at Babcock International Group
Application Advice: Best advice I could give is to be yourself and make sure that the job you're applying for is something you are genuinely interested in and in an area you would like to make a difference. As a graduate you will be working on a lot of projects and your input is key in order to make the project as successful as possible- it may be the case that you're required to work over your contracted hours but this is most probably something you would be doing in any job/role you start.
Claims Graduate , Claims at Allianz Insurance
Application Advice: Demonstrate your curiosity and desire to learn. Swiss Re is full of experts who have so much knowledge to share. Apply for a job that sounds genuinely interesting, rather than one which seems to offer good career prospects for the future. If you don't enjoy your work, you won't be motivated and will struggle to be successful!
Interview Advice: Reinsurance is not an obvious industry for many graduates. Being able to demonstrate your knowledge about how it works will set you apart. At Swiss Re, we take pride in the value we bring to society through building financial resilience. Take a look at our website and explore some of the projects we have worked on in the past (e.g. micro-insurance, index linked solutions for governments etc.)
Property Treaty Underwriter, P&C Reinsurance at Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd
Application Advice: Be open-minded, don't be shy, give your opinion and be eager to learn continuously.
Interview Advice: Read the article "introduction to reinsurance" which is available on the website. Be honest and open about your expectations to see whether the company's culture fits with yours.
Business Analyst, Underwriting Strategy at Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd
Application Advice: Be open, pro-active and have fun with data.
Business Analyst Marine, Marine at Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd