Accountancy & Insurance Graduate Application & Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Accountancy & Insurance

Application Advice: Try to be yourself as much as possible. During the interview process they will look for like minded people who share the values of the company. Therefore look at the company values and identify what you have done that really demonstrates that you have these, and truthfully acknowledge that if you don't share these views another company may be mutually better suited.
Interview Advice: One of the most difficult tasks is the group exercise, not because of the content, but due to working well with the other candidates. Going into such a group task you should already know that you need to work collaboratively, but you need to do this in a way that showcases your abilities without overpowering the other candidates. The applicants that don't get past this stage are the ones that overshadow the others and do not consider and allow the others to speak.
Graduate - Tax Associate , Tax at Grant Thornton UK LLP
Application Advice: Use all experiences to showcase your talents. All experience is important and you may have skills you don't realise would be very useful to your job.
Interview Advice: Be friendly and confident. A first impression goes a long way, be natural. Do not put on an act just be yourself.
Finance Assistant, at Compass Group
Interview Advice: Make your interview personal to you - give examples nobody else could give in order to stand out and be remembered. They want to know what kind of person you are to work with, as well as if you're capable of the type of work.
Graduate Associate, Audit at Grant Thornton UK LLP
Application Advice: Provide interesting examples where you have demonstrated the firm's core values.
Interview Advice: Be confident, open and honest. Most importantly, be yourself.
Associate, Real Estate Tax Advisory at Grant Thornton UK LLP
Application Advice: Look up the industry before you apply.
Interview Advice: Use the S.T.A.R. Technique when answering interview questions, making sure to emphasise the impact you had on a situation.
Graduate - Associate, Audit & Assurance at Grant Thornton UK LLP
Application Advice: Make sure you are fully aware of the day-to-day jobs, and of how tough it is to work and study at the same time. The study especially comes as a shock to most people.
Interview Advice: It is a very people focussed company, and so while it is obviously important to know why you want to be an accountant, the dividing factor will be someone who fits in with the company values.
Graduate - Associate, Real Estate Tax team at Grant Thornton UK LLP
Interview Advice: Group project, case study, personal interview.
Associate, Audit at Grant Thornton UK LLP
Application Advice: Think about our values and let your personality shine through.
Interview Advice: Be yourself and ask lots of questions!
at Grant Thornton UK LLP
Application Advice: Think about your answers carefully and take your time making sure it says exactly what you want it to say. Get someone to proofread it for you to ensure you don't trip yourself up at the first hurdle with spelling mistakes etc. Make it clear why you want to work for the company and why the specific role you are applying for. Focus on your own experiences - what you have done and how you did what you did - and relate this fits in with our CLEARR values.
Interview Advice: Before you get to the interview make sure you do your research!! Research the firm, service lines, your specific role and what is happening in the world at the moment that could have an impact on our business and our clients. Again, be clear on why you want to work for Grant Thornton and your chosen role. Have some new examples of things you have done at work/school/hobbies etc. relating to each CLEARR value.
Associate, Tax at Grant Thornton UK LLP
Application Advice: I would advise that you should research the industry and get in touch with other graduates either at university or a careers fair, to understand what the job entails.
Interview Advice: Be honest, and don't try to be overbearing as this can go against you - the interviewers are searching for team players.
Audit Associate, at Grant Thornton UK LLP