Accountancy & Insurance Graduate Application & Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Accountancy & Insurance

Application Advice: Be yourself. Do a lot of research into TR, the Fact Book on the Investor Relations website is a good place to start.
Interview Advice: Prepare for a competency based interview but we are moving to a strength based interview, which aims to get a natural response and are harder to prepare for. Also, be yourself and ensure you get to find out about your interviewees. They could one day be your manager.
Financial Analyst, Finance at Thomson Reuters
Application Advice: Be prepared.
Sr. Manager, Account at Accenture
Application Advice: Team work is very important.
Interview Advice: Show enthusiasm and willingness to learn.
Client manager, Italy at Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd
Application Advice: Show interest in the big game changing topics and the field of sustainable risk management. Be natural, but analyse situations in a smart and creative way. Knowledge on the public sector and natural catastrophes is essential. Read a bit about certain ways countries pre- or post-finance themselves after devastating catastrophes.
Interview Advice: Be prepared for questions also on your social life outside of the working environment. Of course insurance basics are needed as well as an idea on how catastrophe modelling works, i.e. the statistical and probabilistical concepts behind it. Confidence in English language and will to travel is inevitable.
Business Data Analyst, Global Partnerships at Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd
Application Advice: Be relaxed, don't panic, do not over do it. The profile they look for is very clear, all graduates got along great. We are all very friendly and open and being smug and a know it all won't help you at all.
Interview Advice: Be yourself, if you don't know ask questions, don't be afraid.
Client Manager, Client Markets at Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd
Application Advice: Research the bank's core values and demonstrate how you apply them to your job, academics or life.
Interview Advice: Dress to impress.
Business Intelligence Analyst, Finance Business Intelligence at RBS
Application Advice: Make sure you do everything they ask and don't be put off by the video application section, it isn't as scary as you think and let's them see what you're like.
Interview Advice: Be yourself. Unlike other accounting companies, Menzies put a lot more focus on who you are as a person and less on your qualifications and experience (although this is definitely a factor too!). Be prepared for a fairly relaxed but involved assessment day. They may ask some random questions like what would your super power be or what would you do if you had 24 hours to live, don't panic, just have fun with it.
Trainee Accountant, Audit at Menzies LLP
Application Advice: Know the company inside out from the material you are given to do research, as well as your own. Read about how the current graduates are doing in their role to see if anything excites you about their role and the programme.
Interview Advice: Be confident with your body language by making eye contact when speaking to the interviewer or any other people you may encounter during your interview. You do not have to know everything about Boots or Finance, but have a willingness to learn and come prepared.
Assistant Finance Manager, Financial Accounting at Boots
Application Advice: Before applying make sure you know what really drives you and what you have a passion for. Take time with your application and be clear on why Boots is the place for you!
Interview Advice: Do your homework! Visiting a store and our competitors is an absolute minimum, remember Boots is part of a much bigger group (WBA) and in finance you will be working for many of the other divisions, so don't just focus on Boots!
Financial Analyst, Finance - Alliance Healthcare Portugal at Boots
Application Advice: The company like people who are interesting, have hobbies and skills. If you have taken part in course/task that is related to the job mention it in your CV.
Interview Advice: The interview process had a large focus on me as a person, asking questions about what I do, aspects of my CV (i.e. playing sports, the type of person I am). Be willing to talk about yourself but always make the reply work or skills orientated.
Graduate Accountant, Management Accounts at WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff