Best and Worst Things About Banking and Finance

This page tells you the Best things and the Worst things about working in Banking and Finance - all the information is taken directly from Banking and Finance graduate employee reviews

The ability to assume responsibility early and contribute to processes.Smaller teams mean workloads can be great at times.
Analyst, at MUFG
Excellent exposure across the business, exposure to very senior experienced colleagues very early on, good culture and work environment - nobody is too busy for you. The month long training program is exceptional.What you get out of a rotation depends hugely on your manager, varying from doing nothing to getting a lot of hands on experience with a real value-added role. Not always clear upon application whereabouts your role is, placement into a full-time role seems somewhat arbitrary.
Analyst, at MUFG
Relaxed atmosphere, less stress, lost of opportunities to network, getting a broader knowledge of how bank functions
Analyst, Middle Office Graduate Scheme at MUFG
On the business: Rapidly expanding business. This is one of the few investment banks that has managed to expand its business and headcount in the past few years. We benefit from the support of one of the largest and strongest financial groups in the world. This gives us a strong client and financial base on which we are building on. The culture: The firm has a flat structure, senior managers are easily approachable. Everybody is very friendly, easy to talk to and always willing to help and answer your questions. The graduate programme's agenda involved lunches and meetings with managers from different departments so we can get to learn more about the different divisions within the bank, ask questions and get to know people. The graduate programme: The graduate programme involved an initial 4-week intensive training course covering a wide array of topics in finance, economics, banking, maths, computer skills with many social events and trading simulations along the way. The tutors were CFA-qualified ex-traders and were probably some of the best teachers I've had. Many of my friends have not heard of Mitshibishi UFJ Securities International, but I think this is likely to change soon as the bank is rapidly growing in size. Too few people know that Morgan Stanley was going to collapse during the recent financial crisis if our parent company didn't save it. We now own a huge chunk of it.
Analyst, Compliance & Audit at MUFG
I have been given quite a bit of responsibility early on and have been involved in some interesting work for important clients. I have had a lot of exposure to very senior members of the bank as well as other colleagues at the desk from whom you can easily learn a lot from. Furthermore, the team is good at sharing information and guiding you in the right direction. Lastly, it is a growing business with a huge potential and opportunities to grow.You can easily see yourself working very late hours for consecutive days/weeks nevertheless you are an analyst and that happens everywhere.
Analyst, Derivatives Solutions Group at MUFG
Get exposure across the business, meet many people from the whole bank, including senior managers. This will help me a lot once I finish my rotations and start to work on my hiring desk, as I will have contacts across all business areas and support functions.Some days which only involve shadowing and where no work has been assigned can be a bit a little slow.
Analyst, at MUFG
Great Team to work with. Good hours for investment bankingLess busy and exciting than expected
Analyst, Technology at MUFG
Many benefits, many social events paid by FactSet, free lunch/coffee.drinks, good one-month training, friendly employees, nice offices, it's located in the city of London, you acquire many transferable skills (such as c++).You can find jobs with better salary.
Software Engineer, Software Engineering at FactSet
Good work life balance. Seeing your work make a difference in somebody's life.Poor benefits considering the pressure you are under compared to other schemes within the company. Poor performance management (see below)
Retail Management Graduate, Branch at Santander
-Fantastic exposure to the business and key stakeholders within the business that has provided insight into how easyJet works and how senior employees interact with each other. - A real job: graduates are placed into real "value-adding" roles that are central to the business. No role has been created specifically for a graduate and for this reason, there is plenty of work available! -Systems: IT systems within finance are particularly poor for a company of easyJet's size. This is primarily a function of the speed with which it has grown, and perhaps a slightly misplaced focus on having a "lean" operation, extending into investment in systems. This can make work considerably harder than it otherwise should be. You can end up spending a lot of time doing very laborious, manual tasks - this even extends to senior management. The good news is that there is growing recognition of this problem and there is a significant amount of work going on to help change this. -Study: As a finance graduate, I am studying my accountancy qualification. easyJet used to offer ACA; ACCA and CIMA. For future intakes, they will only offer CIMA. I am completing my ACA. The problem with all graduates going into real roles, which I wholeheartedly encourage, does make the practicalities of studying difficult. I am due to sit exams in June, but at the same time, I am entering into my busiest period of work and expect to regularly work late nights. It is difficult to maintain this balance, but I am confident that anyone who does "get through it", will be rewarded at the end.
Finance Analyst, Ops Finance at easyJet