Construction Project Management Graduate Application & Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Construction Project Management

Application Advice: Update your CV and put down any industry related work experience that you have. Put down if you have played in any successful sports teams as I know everyone does this but it still proves to the person reading the CV that you are a team player etc. Make your CV stand out is some way and make sure it is on one side of A4, think about the layout and how best you can represent yourself.
Interview Advice: Create some model answer of questions which you are likely to be asked in the interview so that you can go into the interview feeling calm and collected. Standard Questions: -Why do you want to work in this industry? -Why do you think you should get this job? -Explain a situation where you have gone above and beyond the call of duty?
Graduate Design Co-ordinator, Design Department/Birmingham at Bouygues UK
Application Advice: You should have academic and experience regarding cost consultant activities then you are capable for this position.
Interview Advice: Answer with your real experience & by using what you learned in theory, don’t tell lies.
Assistant Cost Consultant , Cost Consultancy at Arcadis - EC Harris LLP
Application Advice: Project Management is equally about the interpersonal skills as academic. Demonstrate extra-curricular interests that show you have something about you that demonstrate your ability to get on with people and manage situations.
Interview Advice: Show confidence but relax, the ability to be professional in a high pressure environment is critical to being a successful project manager.
Project Manager, Higher Education and Government at Arcadis - EC Harris LLP
Application Advice: - Be keen to progress through the business - Make sure you are ambitious - Be willing to relocate every six months during the two year programme
Interview Advice: - Show that you are ambitious and would like to become a director within a five year timescale of completing the graduate scheme - Think about why you want to work in the housebuilding sector - Know the current constraints in the market - Visit some current developments to show that you have done some research - Research what you'll be expected to do during your time on the scheme - Watch the full year presentation online, so you have some good background knowledge of the current position the business is at
Graduate Management Trainee, at Taylor Wimpey
Application Advice: Apply if you are highly motivated and up for a challenge.
at Bouygues UK
Application Advice: Research the specific area that you want to move into.
Graduate Project Manager, at Arcadis - EC Harris LLP
Application Advice: Be specific in what you are looking for.
Interview Advice: Be extremely motivated and dynamic and do not be afraid of long hours and responsibilities.
Assistant Site Manager, CLSE at Bouygues UK
Application Advice: In your CV, you should show that you are able to take initiatives and to work within a team.
Interview Advice: Value your previous work experience - even if it was not in the company. Give the good point of your internship and show what you have learnt during them.
Graduate Site Manager, Enfield at Bouygues UK
Application Advice: Make sure you thoroughly research the company. Tailor your experience so it aligns with the requirements of the job.
Interview Advice: Make sure you understand how the current economic climate effects the construction/property industry. Be prepared to explain a technical subject i.e. a construction technology. Thoroughly prepare for your presentation. Be a strong team player.
Graduate Project Manager, Private Residential at Arcadis - EC Harris LLP
Application Advice: It's all about people, managing them and supporting them. It is great fun also.
Interview Advice: Show how enthusiastic you are and being a good team member is more important than showing off.
Assistant Site Manager, Western at BAM Construct UK