Construction Project Management Graduate Application & Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Construction Project Management

Interview Advice: In the interview, relate as many answers as possible to any work experience. Every person on my assessment center had previous work experience within the sector.
Assistant project manager, at Mace Limited
Application Advice: Understand the companies values under Our Vision and be able to show practical as well as theoretical abilities.
Interview Advice: Dress to impress. Try to find out which department heads are interviewing you and understand the angle they might be coming from.
Sustainability Advisor, Sustainability at Berkeley Group
Application Advice: Make sure you do a sandwich placement if there is one available on your degree! Find out about the company before applying.
Interview Advice: Turn up with practical examples of what you can do.
Assistant Site Manager, London at Berkeley Group
Application Advice: Research the company fully first.
Graduate Engineer, Various at Bouygues Energies & Services
Application Advice: Develop a wide range of skills and an eye for detail, keep contacts and be diligent.
Interview Advice: Know your stuff: revise traditional quantity surveying areas, and then revise some more. Do not make up answers: own up when you don't have an answer rather than make one up. Apply yourself: Show your interest in the process, ask questions. Be passionate: Interviewers are good at spotting this, read up on related construction news and show your love for the industry.
Graduate Quantity Surveyor, at Transport for London
Application Advice: Learn a bit about re-measuring groundworks. Come across as honest and friendly and someone who is prepared to help others, and you should fit in.
Interview Advice: Mine took about an hour, the interviewers were friendly and helped make the process stress free (so far as anyone can) I'd just try to relax into the interview and not get too worked up about it if possible. Be truthful about what you have done and know all about your course. I may be wrong but I feel the personality part is a big factor as the whole office is pretty smilar. The usual advice I guess.
Assistant Quantity Surveyor, Build Department - North Thames at Croudace Homes
Application Advice: Demonstrate your ability to learn and genuine interest in the industry as well as the company's values.
Interview Advice: Typical questions such as 'Why Mace?', 'Why Construction/Consultancy?', 'What skills and qualities can you apply to the team to improve the service we offer clients?'
Assistant Project Manager, Public Sector Consultancy at Mace Limited
Application Advice: Show passion, drive, initiative and determination to have a successful career at Mace. Providing not only excellence in your direct line of work but an aspiration to be involved within the wider Mace community and Mace initiatives.
Assistant Cost Consultant, Quantity Surveying at Mace Limited
Application Advice: Carefully consider the role you are applying for, soundly understanding the difference between how a Contractor delivers a project and how a Consultant delivers a project, the two are very different, then consider how you and your skills are suited to a Consultancy role. As a Project or Construction Manager, if you prefer to be out on site on a daily basis, consider whether Consultancy is for you.
Interview Advice: First round interviews were typical questions based upon my previous experience and University course and how each can be applied to my prospective job. Second round interview was group based task scenarios with an individual element also. I would recommend to be prepared to work effectively within a group task. Do not try to dominate the task but listen to your peers, evaluate the options, offer your individual thoughts and ideas and ensure that you deliver and present your idea confidently.
Assistant Project Manager, Manchester at Mace Limited
Application Advice: Be clear, concise and honest Be different - Mace think outside of the box and how to improve inside the box You need to stand out - qualifications and experience are not the be all and end all
Interview Advice: Know Mace beyond the publicity - read about a project other than the Shard, Olympics or London Eye Why are they better than their competitors - what do you think makes them stand out Be personable - they want to know if you can work within the team Mace 'people' are friendly, warm and approachable whilst having confidence in who they are and what they know
Project Manager, Project Management Consulting; Private Sector at Mace Limited