Construction Project Management Graduate Application & Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Construction Project Management

Application Advice: Demonstrate your ability to learn and genuine interest in the industry as well as the company's values.
Interview Advice: Typical questions such as 'Why Mace?', 'Why Construction/Consultancy?', 'What skills and qualities can you apply to the team to improve the service we offer clients?'
Assistant Project Manager, Public Sector Consultancy at Mace Limited
Application Advice: Show passion, drive, initiative and determination to have a successful career at Mace. Providing not only excellence in your direct line of work but an aspiration to be involved within the wider Mace community and Mace initiatives.
Assistant Cost Consultant, Quantity Surveying at Mace Limited
Application Advice: Carefully consider the role you are applying for, soundly understanding the difference between how a Contractor delivers a project and how a Consultant delivers a project, the two are very different, then consider how you and your skills are suited to a Consultancy role. As a Project or Construction Manager, if you prefer to be out on site on a daily basis, consider whether Consultancy is for you.
Interview Advice: First round interviews were typical questions based upon my previous experience and University course and how each can be applied to my prospective job. Second round interview was group based task scenarios with an individual element also. I would recommend to be prepared to work effectively within a group task. Do not try to dominate the task but listen to your peers, evaluate the options, offer your individual thoughts and ideas and ensure that you deliver and present your idea confidently.
Assistant Project Manager, Manchester at Mace Limited
Application Advice: Be clear, concise and honest Be different - Mace think outside of the box and how to improve inside the box You need to stand out - qualifications and experience are not the be all and end all
Interview Advice: Know Mace beyond the publicity - read about a project other than the Shard, Olympics or London Eye Why are they better than their competitors - what do you think makes them stand out Be personable - they want to know if you can work within the team Mace 'people' are friendly, warm and approachable whilst having confidence in who they are and what they know
Project Manager, Project Management Consulting; Private Sector at Mace Limited
Application Advice: Make sure your CV /Cover letter is up to date and relevant showing how your past experiences, interests or hobbies link into the company. Barratt's received hundreds of applications each year therefore insuring spelling, layout and clarity is correct and professional is essential. When applying which is conducted initially online, ensure you answer questions fully, demonstrate how you made a difference to that team or experience you are talking about demonstrate what you did to ensure that experience / team project etc. was a success. Don't rush the application and think about your answers. Finally get someone else who is competent enough to check your application as we all make mistakes that we might not necessarily notice straight away, or until after submitting your application which by that time will be to late. You can only make a first impression once.
Interview Advice: My advice would simply be "fail to prepare then prepare to fail" Barratt's are good at providing information and communication leading up to interviews either via phone or in person. Insure that you prepare your answers well and that you think about the bigger picture focus and the importance of change to an organisation. Overall remember you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing yourself. Be pro-active, ask questions, show you have done your research into the company or division you are applying for.
Construction Graduate, Bristol at Barratt Developments
Application Advice: Mace application should be a priority
Interview Advice: Be confident during the selection process
Assistant Cost Consultant , Consultancy at Mace Limited
Application Advice: Be truthful about our experience and try not to get too nervous. It's not that scary.
Interview Advice: Be yourself, don't be too competitive in group situations. They want to see you work as a team.
Assistant Project Management, Project Management at Mace Limited
Application Advice: - Research the company (projects, core values - especially client focus and safety) - Research the industry generally - Understand the role you are going into
Interview Advice: Be over-the-top enthusiastic and know Mace's main projects, achievements, values.
Assistant Project Manager, Rail at Mace Limited
Application Advice: Take time over the application, it is very long, however those that take their time are more likely to make it to the interview/assessment centre stages. Also, try to gain as much experience as possible in the construction industry.
Interview Advice: Know the core values and take time to research the business. Also, having a knowledge of BIM is very beneficial.
Assistant Design Manager, Design Management at Mace Limited
Application Advice: Make sure you show enthusiasm, make your application relevant to the role.
Interview Advice: Know about the business sector, not just the overall company. That's too easy to find on Google.
Graduate Project Manager, at Mace Limited