Construction Project Management Graduate Application & Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Construction Project Management

Application Advice: Be clear in why you want to work for Galliford Try instead of other construction companies. Explain how you will fit into the role and highlight how you can work well with others. Construction is all about collaboration so this is important.
Interview Advice: I would strongly advise to use the STAR method when preparing answers for possible interview questions. Also, provide examples from more then one area of your life to keep your answers fresh.
Graduate Planner, Building West Midlands at Galliford Try
Application Advice: Try to do/ say something to make you stand out from the crowd and don't be afraid of advertising a range of abilities that you think may not be relevant to work, because they all are. I wrote on my CV that I am looking forward to the social atmosphere and banter which is commonplace in the industry which is something that, I later learnt, greatly helped my application!
Interview Advice: Be yourself and see it as 'a chat' rather than an interview. They are not trying to grill you, but just trying to see how you are in a conversation. Try to prove your flexibility with a mixture of work-based and external skills. I remember part of my interview being a discussion about the football results at the weekend! Be prepared to give your thought on the following: -The company and it's contenders -Topical industry issues (legislation, technology and sustainability) -The future of the industry
Assistant Site Manager, Construction Management- South East at BAM Construct UK
Application Advice: Use professional language Think about the answers before you answer them Read them once you've written them
Interview Advice: Look professional (Suit, tie and clean shoes) Be professional Research the role you are applying for and think of good questions to ask at the end Go prepared, bring along any relevant documents or previous work done Speak clearly
Graduate Construction Trainee, East Midlands at Galliford Try
Application Advice: Learn and gain as much experience as you can and network with different people. Drive your career and try to gain experience in different roles, departments and regions.
Interview Advice: Understand Lendlease culture, vision and core values. Learn about the projects that Lendlease has done in the past and is currently doing. Demonstrate that you are motivated and willing to learn and work with a team.
Assistant Planner, Construction Management (Planning) at Lendlease
Application Advice: Do not rush your application and put as much details in as possible as this allows the company to get a starting view of the candidate. This helps when progressing through the interview stages as you can talk in more detail about your application. Make sure to come across as enthusiastic about the role on paper as this will have to be shown in an interview.
Interview Advice: Research the company and your own application as this will be the basis of the interview. Confidence in your abilities and your failures is key to a successful interview, 9 times out of 10 the interviewer is looking at the type of person first more than your accolades and qualifications. This is due to BAM being a large company that feels like one big family, with the correct kind of person the company will continue to thrive. Good luck with your application and interview, do not give up after the first hurdle.
Assistant Project Surveyor, Surveying / Midlands at BAM Construct UK
Application Advice: A very good experience in how large organisations work, be willing to learn.
Graduate Project Manager, at Transport for London
Application Advice: Dedicate time to doing some research into the company and the role offered.
Interview Advice: Practice your interview answers thinking about the TFL behaviours.
Quantity Surveying, Commercial at Transport for London
Application Advice: Study TFL's behaviours and show them in the application process.
Assistant Project Manager, Transport at Transport for London
Application Advice: Be willing to travel a lot.
Interview Advice: Be yourself.
Planning Manager, Regions at Lendlease
Application Advice: Do your homework, don't expect to be in charge over night, you have years and years of learning ahead of you so listen.
Interview Advice: Be yourself, you have to fit into a team as well as a role, if it's not meant to be it's not meant to be, just don't give up.
Assistant site manager, Dundee at BAM Construct UK