Mechanical Engineering Graduate Application & Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Mechanical Engineering

Application Advice: Be honest.
Interview Advice: Relax and be yourself. Your ability to think has a bigger influence than your knowledge.
Vessels Engineer, Design at Air Products
Application Advice: All the roles that I have been in (3 so far) required a great deal of working flexibility. There are certainly office type jobs within air products but the best ones require you to be content with being on the road and packed up with very short notice. This is not to be viewed negatively in my opinion as it helps you, learning to deal with the challenges of adapting quickly whilst planning the job in unpredictable conditions.
Interview Advice: There is a lot of pressure when undertaking an interview and I remember my own very well. But try to relax. It is harder done than said but to be your best over a couple of hours is much simpler when you are not constantly worrying about the end result. Be yourself.
Mechanical Engineer, at Air Products
Application Advice: Show your passion for engineering, apply early, and have something else interesting about you e.g. music, sport, surprise me...
Interview Advice: E.g. tips, question learn about what Spirax sarco make and where steam is used, learn the refrigeration cycle and don't get the answer right, they want to see your working so just speak your mind the entire time.
Graduate Engineer, Product Management & Development at Spirax Sarco
Application Advice: Honesty with experience.
Interview Advice: Be yourself, trying too hard will only make you nervous. Softer skills like management and people skills go a longer way than how technical you are.
Graduate Engineer , Building services at WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff
Application Advice: Apply early and be honest. The company is looking for brains with ideas, not exam results.
Interview Advice: Live the company core values. It's going to show in the application process.
Graduate Engineer, Research & Development at Spirax Sarco
Application Advice: Be friendly / a team player.
Graduate Engineer, VT at WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff
Interview Advice: Prepare for online testing thoroughly - the practice tests are useful. Focus on your own performance during the assessment centre.
Graduate EMS Calibration Engineer, Powertrain: Gasoline Calibration & Controls at Jaguar Land Rover
Application Advice: Willingness to learn and a positive attitude.
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Building Services at WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff
Application Advice: Your CV says a lot. I didn't have an online application process, but was selected on my CV and academic achievements to date. I was invited to a workshop/assessment day; I found it quite relaxing and that helped, and allowed me to contribute and cooperate with other candidates. My advice would be to try to relax on assessment days, forget that senior employees are there and don't be shy in groups. There's no wrong answers!
Interview Advice: My interview was more of a informal chat, although I was being assessed. I spoke about my time at university. Things I enjoyed and didn't enjoy, projects I've worked on, showing a different set of skills (e.g. teamwork, analytical, computational methods, etc). I only had one project that had similar subject matter (building services), but it didn't matter because interviews are all about how you are as a character. Act as you normally would, and try to find projects, subjects that you are interested in and passionate about. Try to relate it to the industry you are applying for.
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Building Services at WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff
Application Advice: Take time filling in the application form and practise for the tests. It's a good idea to do a summer placement here first to decide if it's for you and where in the company you would like to work.
Interview Advice: Look at their high performance business behaviours on the careers website and try and demonstrate these.
at Jaguar Land Rover