Mechanical Engineering Graduate Application & Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Mechanical Engineering

Application Advice: If you're genuinely interested in the area of work, apply. Show that you're innovative, working for DSTL is all about being innovative in overcoming challenges, and thinking of new ways to exploit current or future technologies.
Interview Advice: Background/fundamental knowledge in your degree area. I was asked questions based around the fundamentals of my degree (Mechanical engineering), the questions were mostly based around physics and mechanics and how they apply to real world applications. I was also asked questions about how I would react in certain situations i.e. if I don't know something - how do I find out.
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, at DSTL
Application Advice: Worth applying for job security and work/life balance.
Interview Advice: Carry out research about the company and be confident.
Emergency Response Apprentice, Emergency Response at Cadent
Application Advice: Go for it, be yourself and ensure that you are interested in the role you are applying for. The interviewers can tell whether you'll fit into their team so just be relaxed but confident.
Interview Advice: Do your research. Find the key facts about the company and major projects they've built. It's always good to impress the interviewer with your knowledge of the company. Don't forget to mention any other extra activities you have been involved in e.g. Duke of Edinburgh, cadets etc.
Apprentice, Building Services at WSP
Application Advice: Include all your additional experience outside of your degree as this is what sets you apart.
Interview Advice: Properly research the nuclear industry beforehand if you don't have prior experience.
at nucleargraduates
Application Advice: Remain calm through the challenging selection process and lean about the industry beforehand.
Mechanical Design Engineer, Rolls-Royce Nuclear at nucleargraduates
Application Advice: Ability to demonstate project management, communication and leadership skills. The candidate would need to have both technical knowledge and enhanced people skills.
Interview Advice: Have a topic of engineering you have been involved with memorised in extreme detail and communicate what you did, why you did it and what the result was in clear and concise detail.
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Engineering at Costain
Application Advice: Customer service is key on CVs.
Interview Advice: Customer service initiative.
Emergency Response, GD at Cadent
Application Advice: Mott MacDonald are open with the idea that you may not know a lot about the role your going into but show that you have certain qualities which tick the box. Communication, Teamwork, Mathematics, etc. Don't be put off if you don't think you may have all the areas of learning they ask for.
Interview Advice: Do not get too stressed. The interview was comprised of 2 sections. 1. General Questions - Where do you see yourself in 5 years? An example of when you worked effectively in a team. 2. Technical Questions (not very complex) - What work have you done in sustainability? Could you give a summary to your dissertation. The general questions are mandatory but then the technical questions become more of a discussion. This makes it a lot less formal and makes you stress less.
Graduate Mechanical Building Services Engineer, Building and Infrastructure at Mott MacDonald
Application Advice: Have someone help with your CV. Include any STEM events you have participated in.
Interview Advice: Ask questions during lunch break and use STAR format during interview.
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Marine & Technology at Babcock International Group
Interview Advice: Just be sure on your fundamentals of engineering - principles of heat transfer etc. You will be asked questions you don't know the answer to but that is the point, it's to see how you react and think through problems.
Graduate Engineer, at Max Fordham