Mechanical Engineering Graduate Application & Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Mechanical Engineering

Application Advice: Research the company and industry to get a feel of what is going on. Show enthusiasm for the role. Don't lie!
Interview Advice: As above.
Assistant Project Engineer, Infrastructure Projects at Network Rail
Application Advice: FMC's core values underpin everything they do as a company and this feeds down to the day to day engineering work where we are expected to work according to those core values. Focus on them, provide examples of where you have demonstrated them. Know yourself as well, your own strengths (have evidence to support these) and weaknesses and what you can bring to FMC, as this is something which again the company looks for.
Graduate Engineer, at FMC Technologies
FMC Technologies Profile
Application Advice: Get your application in early well in advance of the application closing date. Perhaps practice on less desired jobs that you would like to apply to for practice.
Interview Advice: Think of multiple good quality examples to be used for competency based questions and get your head around the basics of the railway industry as it's very complicated!!
Graduate Engineer, OLE Western Route at Network Rail
Application Advice: Use experience you have developed. Give examples and use the STAR format to answering longer questions. You do not need to be a train-spotter for this role! Being a well rounded engineer is more important than detailed railway knowledge.
Interview Advice: Network Rail uses a competency based interview process. Give lots of examples relevant to the question where you resolved an issue.
Graduate Engineer, Thameslink Programme at Network Rail
Application Advice: The rail industry is in serious need of all abilities including project managers, engineers, analysts, technicians and support staff. For engineering roles a practical and logical application of general principles is required.
Interview Advice: Expect a range of questions exploring your knowledge and aptitude but above all your ability to apply sound understanding of general principles to real life safety critical issues.
Engineer, Technical Services at Network Rail
Application Advice: Think about what they are actually asking
Interview Advice: Be an all round person, i.e. be able to work as a team effectively but also as an indivdual
Graduate Track Engineer, at Network Rail
Application Advice: Don't lie practise for online aptitude testing
Interview Advice: Be yourself, interviews or assessment centers are your only chance to get across who you are as an individual, so don't try and be someone else. know what is in your CV
Graduate Engineer, WCS Applications at FMC Technologies
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Application Advice: Do your research. This is a graduate scheme to feed into multiple companies. Make sure you know what these companies do, and especially which companies are present when you're being interviewed.
Interview Advice: Just stay calm. The interview process is meant to make you uncomfortable, and you are all in the same boat. Also talk to the interviewers during the time between sessions, and at the dinner in the evening
Mechanical Engineering Assessor, Mechanical Engineering Graduate at nucleargraduates
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Application Advice: Good communication skills are essential.
Assistant Engineer, Rail Plant at Network Rail
Application Advice: Take your time on each application, make it tailored to Amec Foster Wheeler. In order to do that you will have had to do some research into the company beforehand. Focus on previous work experience in Oil and Gas if you have it and explain clearly why you want to work in the process industry specifically.
Interview Advice: Prepare well in terms of knowing why you want a job at Amec Foster Wheeler specifically not just any job and not just a job in Oil and Gas. Don't be afraid to ask questions in the interviews when you don't understand something, it may not have been explained well/clearly. Ask other questions on the day of the people who work here, it shows you are interested and keen to learn about the company you are hoping to join.
Graduate Equipment Engineer, Equipment at Amec Foster Wheeler
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