Mechanical Engineering Graduate Interview Questions and Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Mechanical Engineering

"Looking carefully of all the details on career website."
Product Development Graduate Engineer, CFD at Jaguar Land Rover
"Read up on the company. Take leadership roles at every opportunity. "
Product Development Graduate Engineer, Body Engineering at Jaguar Land Rover
"Read the High Performance Behaviours on the JLR website and have examples to illustarte how you meet them."
Graduate Engineer, Aerodynamics at Jaguar Land Rover
"Have enthusiasm, read up so you know your stuff. Sell yourself in the interview."
Graduate Vehicle Dynamics engineer, Automotive at Jaguar Land Rover
"Have at least 3 months engineering work experience"
Development Engineer, Chassis, Product Development at Jaguar Land Rover
"Practice for interviews and assessment centres at university careers fair/office and by applying to other companies. Prepare real life examples for competency questions beforehand. Read up on company and industry. JLR website, BBC News, Autocar... Suited to well rounded candidates, look to portray this at assessment centre."
Graduate Engineer, Graduate Programme at Jaguar Land Rover
"Familiriaze yourself with modern day regulations and how companies are trying to be legislation compliant with these. "
Engine Calibration Engineer, Powertrain at Jaguar Land Rover
"Get work experience with a well known company in the summer holidays of uni."
Program Planner, Engineered To Order at Jaguar Land Rover
"The selection process is very good for this job. So as long as you are yourself and honest on the selection day the company will be able to pick the right people."
Test & Development Engineer, Powertrain - Automatic transmissions at Jaguar Land Rover
"- Read through the careers website - Learn about the company and its products - Be ready to explain clearly and with good terms some technical work that you've carried out and highlight the learning you got out of it - Show your soft skills, your willingness to learn and develop - Have stories in mind that can shape your personality and make the interviewers understand who you are. - Practice with mock on-line logical/numerical assessments, to get familiar with them - Be honest and feel comfortable - take it as a fun/learning activity rather than "the chance of my life" "
Hybrid CAE Engineer, Modelling and Simulation at Jaguar Land Rover