Mechanical Engineering Graduate Application & Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Mechanical Engineering

Application Advice: Make sure you know the company well and be sure to show that you're a future leader. We are looking for candidates who will drive our business to success and that also means driving those around you! (Good luck!)
Interview Advice: It's important to know about our company values as well as about yourself. You will be asked examples of when you've been a leader, make sure you've thought of some examples that really show your skill set. Don't be too worried if you lack industry experience!
Marketing and Sales Manager, Southampton at Morgan Advanced Materials
Application Advice: Be yourself and be honest. You should be looking for a good fit for you as well as the company looking for a good fit for them.
Graduate Engineer, Well Completion Systems at FMC Technologies
Application Advice: If you are looking to transit into a management level position, this would be the ideal job.
Interview Advice: Be yourself. Do your research on the company, products and our values.
Graduate engineer, at Morgan Advanced Materials
Application Advice: Willingness to learn and adapt
Interview Advice: honesty
Piping Engineer, Piping at Amec Foster Wheeler
Application Advice: Check for spelling mistakes and grammar. Also try and match your skill set to the position you are applying for.
Interview Advice: Don't focus to hard on trying to impress the interviewer be yourself. Another tip when going for an interview if asked would you like a drink, don't be shy at least ask for a glass of water, so that if you do get a dry throat while in the interview you have a drink to help calm your nerves and carry on.
Application Engineer, Heavy Duty Diesel at Johnson Matthey
Application Advice: You don't have to know a great deal about trains, just show a varied background and a willingness to learn.
Interview Advice: If you don't know something, say you don't know but seek the answer from the interviewer. It shows you have an interest in the company.
Graduate Maintenance Engineer, Stockport Maintenance at Network Rail
Application Advice: Make sure that you keep your CV short and straight to the point. It is very important that you put in the results of your hard work throughout your life.
Interview Advice: Be yourself and do not give them the answer you think they want to hear. Be honest. Hilti employ people for the their personality and potential.
Project Engineer , East Midland at Hilti GB Ltd
Application Advice: research the company thoroughly and understand the business
Interview Advice: A lot of practice. Don't come empty handed. Bring relevant examples of work that you have done.
Mechanical Hardware Engineer, at Thales
Application Advice: Research the company and industry to get a feel of what is going on. Show enthusiasm for the role. Don't lie!
Interview Advice: As above.
Assistant Project Engineer, Infrastructure Projects at Network Rail
Application Advice: FMC's core values underpin everything they do as a company and this feeds down to the day to day engineering work where we are expected to work according to those core values. Focus on them, provide examples of where you have demonstrated them. Know yourself as well, your own strengths (have evidence to support these) and weaknesses and what you can bring to FMC, as this is something which again the company looks for.
Graduate Engineer, at FMC Technologies