Mechanical Engineering Graduate Application & Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Mechanical Engineering

Interview Advice: Research the company beforehand.
Mechanical Engineer, at Balfour Beatty
Application Advice: People skills are vital in such a big organisation...!
Interview Advice: Again, as above, people skills and teamwork are vital to achieving your goals within the company.
Senior Support Engineer, Warships at Babcock International Group
Application Advice: Show management skills.
Interview Advice: Lots of 'tell us a time you..... lead a team/worked as a team/overcame an issue' type questions.
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Defence at Babcock International Group
Application Advice: Do it early! The application process can potentially take a long time, as the company needs to do security clearance for you before you start work.
Interview Advice: Have a few examples lined up for the question type "Tell us about a time when you..." Some questions were: "...worked well in a team", "...solved a problem", and "...held a position of leadership". It's a simple tip, but the difference made by being able to quickly and confidently respond (by having prepared responses beforehand) is very noitceable.
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Cavendish Nuclear at Babcock International Group
Application Advice: Give good examples of work experience and university work.
Interview Advice: Be yourself. It's about the person and how they work with others.
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Maintenance at Babcock International Group
Application Advice: Be honest and specify regarding what you wish to achieve within your role and how you believe you can influence the organisation. Make sure you research the role and the company thoroughly before applying and ensure that your application satisfies the Babcock values.
Interview Advice: Relax and be yourself. This is when you will perform best. Babcock looks for talented and intelligent individuals to join the company but they don't want robots. Research the organisation thoroughly and make sure you provide evidence for the skills you have stated you possess. (Use past experiences or projects if possible.) Express an eagerness to achieve professional registration.
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Graduate Scheme (Various) at Babcock International Group
Application Advice: Apply early! There are a number of online 'tests' to pass before you are invited to interview, so don't hesitate to complete these steps whilst you are also applying for other positions.
Interview Advice: There was a speed dating style of interviews, so be prepared for this and make a good impression early on.
Graduate Assistant Mechanical Engineer, Defense Systems Technology at Babcock International Group
Application Advice: Research the area of the business you want to join - nuclear, rail, marine etc. and have a good knowledge of what is happening in that sector for both Babcock and other businesses. Ask someone to proof read your application.
Interview Advice: - "What do you think is the future of the nuclear industry?" - "Describe how this piece of equipment works" - "What do you want to know about the company?"
Mechanical Engineer, Mechanical at Babcock International Group
Application Advice: Due to the nature of the work (Defence) you will not be expected to know in any great detail what the company does. You will be tested on a broad range of engineering fundamentals and your problem solving at interview.
Interview Advice: My interview was based on a speed-dating format: rotating around different engineering mini-assessments each ten minutes. These varied from a lengthy engineering general knowledge questionnaire to interpreting drawings, to discussing analysis techniques.
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Babcock Bristol at Babcock International Group
Application Advice: Get experience in any workplace. Get involved in clubs and societies. Travel.
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Marine and Technology at Babcock International Group