Production Planner Graduate Application & Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Production Planner

Application Advice: Read up on background of business - current and future challenges and innovative ideas.
Interview Advice: Keep calm.
IS Category Specialist, Group Commercial at Severn Trent
Application Advice: It is not 'The Apprentice' and acting like a candidate won't get you very far through the process. Understand that it is a development role and you are not supposed to have all the answers straight away just the willingness to take on feedback and learn.
Interview Advice: Try to give real examples - they are easier to talk about and if questioned you will be able to speak about them in more detail. Try to understand the broader aspects of the business.
Infrastructure Improvement Analyst, Planning and Performance at Severn Trent
Application Advice: Think carefully about your own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to planning your time, organising others, and interacting with experienced people across the company. Is taking on a challenging role something you'd enjoy or struggle to adapt to?
Interview Advice: Go further than reading anecdotal journalism about the company and repeating news found on the company website. Instead, if you can demonstrate you've made the attempt to meet someone from the company and gather their insights, you'll be in a very strong position to relay your understanding back to your interviewer. As water & waste is a specific industry, you'll need to understand more than just the basic facts about the company and it's infrastructure. Some research into the processes behind water treatment would also pay off if you can demonstrate your knowledge at interview.
Outage Planner, London Water Control at Thames Water
Interview Advice: Have examples of skills you have previously demonstrated i.e. teamwork and leadership.
Graduate Planning Engineer, at Petrofac
Application Advice: Do not try to align yourself to fit competencies; be yourself and sell what makes you unique. Coming across as a genuine person I feel is overlooked when applying for Graduate Programmes
Interview Advice: As above but if you are able to document a genuine passion for the Water Industry this also helps. It is also easy to tell who has prepared and this is far more impresive than turning up and trying to wing it!
Field Performance Manager, Operations at Thames Water
Application Advice: Learn as much as possible about the company. Knowledge of the engineering involved isn't necessary.
Interview Advice: Be talkative during the assessment centre, make sure they know you by the end of it.
Service Readiness Officer, Aftermarket Services at Rolls-Royce
Application Advice: Take your time on the application process online, don't rush, check spelling and use different stories, doesn't have to be discipline related.
Interview Advice: Do your research before attending the assessment centre, get some practice in and don't panic.
Production Engineer, Production Engineer at BAE Systems
Application Advice: 1) My interview was held in March 2008 while i was looking for a placement. It consisted of: Psychological Test and then only an interview. To pass psychological test required having technical skills and fast decision making skills. As well as the ability to pick up and correct answers.
Graduate P-way Engineer, Balfour Beatty Rail, Permanent way at Balfour Beatty
Application Advice: We had to complete an online application on the company website which also included sending in our CV. Once accepted I was then invited to the Graduate Assessment Day where from hundreds of applications there was 21 people in attendance. This had several tasks including team situations in which we are assessed by the function leads and HR and is concluded by a 5 minute presentation that was prepared on the day.
Project Controls Graduate, Project Controls at Wood Group
Application Advice: For graduate scheme - selection day process, including 3 team related tasks and an individual interview. Individual interview for project placement. Work on interview skills, and good knowledge of the company.
Associate Planner, at Wood Group