Engineering and Manufacturing Graduate Application & Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Engineering and Manufacturing

Application Advice: Demonstrate a good balance of technical and practical skills.
Interview Advice: Talk about your experiences and be confident in your ability.
Site Engineer, Civil Engineering at Skanska
Application Advice: Don't think that grades is all an employer looks at. If your grades are below average, apply anyway and sell yourself with your practical skills or work ethic.
Interview Advice: Learn about the company beforehand, refer to a few facts you have researched and show that you want to work specifically for them, not just any company offering a job to you.
Graduate Engineer, Rail at Balfour Beatty
Interview Advice: Research the company beforehand.
Mechanical Engineer, at Balfour Beatty
Application Advice: Research what projects are going on at Devonport and think about the challenges that Babcock faces by doing what they do.
Interview Advice: Dress smart, prepare well and be as confident as you can be. Researching Babcock and their current projects at Devonport is essential.
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Marine and Technology at Babcock International Group
Application Advice: Remember that engineering is all about your ability to solve problems ranging from complex technical issues through to administration tasks. Your understanding of engineering principles, formulas and methods is only one part of the puzzle and in my mind the most important piece is your ability to communicate appropriately at all levels.
Interview Advice: The fact you have achieved or are going to achieve a recognised professional qualifaction (Bachelors or Masters) is almost irrelevant when you get to the interview stage as you wouldn't be there if you didn't have it. Remember to just be yourself and draw on all of your experiences, not just ones from University, to demonstrate you are a competent and proficient engineer and would work well within a team.
Constructive Engineer, Engineering Services at Babcock International Group
Interview Advice: It is a two day assessment centre. On the second day is when you will have your personal interview, prepare well for the presentation based on the tips and questions you should ask at the site visit the day before.
Graduate Safety Engineer, Engineering Services at Babcock International Group
Application Advice: Get the application in early as there are plenty of people vying for the job and ensure that you find a way to stand out in your application.
Interview Advice: Just be yourself and answer the questions to the best of your ability, taking time to think through a correct and logical order.
Mechanical Design Engineer, Mechanical Handling Team at Babcock International Group
Application Advice: People skills are vital in such a big organisation...!
Interview Advice: Again, as above, people skills and teamwork are vital to achieving your goals within the company.
Senior Support Engineer, Warships at Babcock International Group
Application Advice: Show management skills.
Interview Advice: Lots of 'tell us a time you..... lead a team/worked as a team/overcame an issue' type questions.
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Defence at Babcock International Group
Application Advice: Open minded-ness, versatility and good people skills are a huge benefit to working for Babcock, the day-to-day work is based on good relationship and face-to-face interaction.
Interview Advice: Reseach the company, practice presentation skills. Be yourself, the company look for characters rather than brains to work for them.
Graduate Electrical Engineer, Defence Systems Technology at Babcock International Group