Engineering and Manufacturing Graduate Application & Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Engineering and Manufacturing

Application Advice: The application process includes typical psychometric tests. Passing these tests will prompt HR and hiring managers to review your cover letter/CV, and if successful, you will be invited to a video interview. For many, this is the first time participating in a pre-recorded video interview, so don't feel nervous about it! In my year, successful applicants were invited to a final assessment centre including a group challenge and an interview with a member of HR and engineering.
Interview Advice: Siemens are a proud company with a rich history of solving some truly great engineering challenges. Demonstrate your knowledge of Siemens, your understanding of Siemens's values and your enthusiasm for the industry.
Graduate Engineer, Rail Automation at Siemens
Application Advice: Think carefully.
Interview Advice: Be yourself, think outside the box.
at Siemens
Application Advice: Having gone through the TRT graduate programme, my key advice would be mainly applicable to those that follow this route. I would strongly advise those that participate in this scheme to make the most of the opportunities they are given. You will definitely get the most rewarding experience if you are active in your development, searching for and ensuring that you get the rotations that give you the greatest development opportunites and the widest experience within Thales. Whilst the support for this at TRT is really good, you are the person with the most to gain and the biggest say in what you do and what you get out of it. Some great advice I have been given is to always ensure you are positioning yourself just outside of your comfort zone.
Interview Advice: Be informed and interested. Make it clear that you are have great potential; discuss and present things that insipre you and that you are invested in. Whilst technical skills hold weight, the most important factor is whether you will be a good fit to the role you apply for and the role a good fit for you.
Research and Development Engineer, Research and Development at Thales
Application Advice: Be honest.
Interview Advice: Relax and be yourself. Your ability to think has a bigger influence than your knowledge.
Vessels Engineer, Design at Air Products
Application Advice: All the roles that I have been in (3 so far) required a great deal of working flexibility. There are certainly office type jobs within air products but the best ones require you to be content with being on the road and packed up with very short notice. This is not to be viewed negatively in my opinion as it helps you, learning to deal with the challenges of adapting quickly whilst planning the job in unpredictable conditions.
Interview Advice: There is a lot of pressure when undertaking an interview and I remember my own very well. But try to relax. It is harder done than said but to be your best over a couple of hours is much simpler when you are not constantly worrying about the end result. Be yourself.
Mechanical Engineer, at Air Products
Application Advice: Show that you have interpersonal skills.
Interview Advice: Technical questions 2nd interview.
Process Engineer, at Air Products
Application Advice: Online tests are important part of the process, including the situational judgement test so don't rush. Make sure to know the JLR high performance business framework and bring these out in the assessment centre - you will be rated against these.
Interview Advice: What is a current problem JLR are facing? How could you contribute toward solving this problem in your role?
Buyer, Purchasing at Jaguar Land Rover
Application Advice: Although the application looks overly simple make sure you utilise all the word count and be concise as possible. Do not just copy and paste in your CV but think about how your skills can be implemented in the offered role.
Interview Advice: Examples of questions were: What do you know about the automotive industry? What are the future challenges of the automotive industry? What do you know about JLR as a company.
Emissions Aftertreatment Engineer, Powertrain at Jaguar Land Rover
Application Advice: Be honest and straight forward. I applied for the PhD programme and they were most interested in my way of thinking rather than my actual PhD area.
Interview Advice: The group exercise is fun but remember to work together. The interviews are with friendly people so just relax and get your information across.
PhD CDP, Industrial Gases at Air Products
Application Advice: Just be yourself, research and watch one or two investor presentations.
Interview Advice: Ask questions.
Process Engineer, Engineering, Manufacturing and Technology at Air Products