Engineering and Manufacturing Graduate Application & Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Engineering and Manufacturing

Application Advice: -
Interview Advice: Be yourself at the assessment centre, know the fundamentals and make sure you communicate well.
Graduate Engineering Trainee, at CRODA
Application Advice: The process is designed to test your skills, but the company also values people and is a sociable company. The assessment event is designed to help you relax and has many opportunities to show who you are and your skills. There are many roles at Croda, from engineering to labs to marketing, so there is no one profile the company looks to recruit.
Interview Advice: Again be relaxed and prepared to answer using the STAR technique for many questions, as well as knowing what attracts you to the company and role.
Graduate Engineer, Site Engineering at CRODA
Application Advice: If you're genuinely interested in the area of work, apply. Show that you're innovative, working for DSTL is all about being innovative in overcoming challenges, and thinking of new ways to exploit current or future technologies.
Interview Advice: Background/fundamental knowledge in your degree area. I was asked questions based around the fundamentals of my degree (Mechanical engineering), the questions were mostly based around physics and mechanics and how they apply to real world applications. I was also asked questions about how I would react in certain situations i.e. if I don't know something - how do I find out.
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, at DSTL
Application Advice: Be open to trying new areas of work, DSTL are good at allowing new graduates to try a lot of different things before refining what you actually do.
Interview Advice: Have confidence in your abilities. Try and do some background research into the company and the MOD. You may be given some example problems to solve in the interview, the interviewer is looking to see how you tackle a problem so it is not always essential that you get to the answer; try not to panic too much and do your best.
Graduate - Survivability Engineer, Platform Survivability at DSTL
Application Advice: A good place to gain some experience in a variety of work for a couple years after graduation but not a long term career.
Graduate - Team Member, at DSTL
Application Advice: Be enthusiastic and open minded.
Graduate Engineer, Platform Systems at DSTL
Application Advice: The company sponsored me through university on a now-discontinued scheme which included a position on the graduate scheme, so my knowledge of the application and interview process is somewhat lacking.
Interview Advice: See above. However, I am aware that interviews are not necessarily conducted by staff with knowledge of the job area, so attempts to show off technical knowledge may be entirely pointless.
Graduate, System Operator at National Grid
Application Advice: Worth applying for job security and work/life balance.
Interview Advice: Carry out research about the company and be confident.
Emergency Response Apprentice, Emergency Response at Cadent
Application Advice: Be honest.
Interview Advice: I was asked to give a presentation- Make sure to prepare well for this! Before doing the presentation make sure to gauge who your audience is. You may be explaining a very technical concept to someone who is in a commercial role who knows little on the subject.
Procurment Graduate , Energus - Finance at nucleargraduates
Application Advice: The advice I give to people if to ensure that you have a very detailed and well-worked CV, this wows the employer when coming to review your application. When coming to interviews always come prepared, meaning that you should take time out to research the role you have applied for and most certainly research the company! I felt that these gave me a big boost in being chosen for the role.
Interview Advice: As mentioned above, it is key to know as much about the business as you can as this really shows you are keen and have taken time out to impress the interviewers.
Building Services Apprentice , Building Services at WSP