Working in Engineering and Manufacturing

This page tells you all about what the day-to-day reality of working in Engineering and Manufacturing really involves. All the information is taken directly from Engineering and Manufacturing graduate employee reviews

"Got 8 months placements within 2 years time."
Product Development Graduate Engineer, CFD at Jaguar Land Rover
"Work in teams, meetings to discuss developments, concept testing and report writing. "
Product Development Graduate Engineer, Body Engineering at Jaguar Land Rover
"conducting CFD simulation, analysing test data, discussing configuration changes."
Graduate Engineer, Aerodynamics at Jaguar Land Rover
"Day to day working includes a large number of meetings and forums to discuss and resolve issues from various other departments who are stake holders in the final design and production teams. As well as this there is a significant amount of it using CAD programs to view and interpret the panel designs. Additional during prototyping and early production there is a larger amount of work in and around production to correct and resolve problems."
DMBI Engineer, AME at Jaguar Land Rover
"I complete analysis based on the teams needs analyse it and report back in a series of meetings. This information is communicated to the whole car program team who make decisions on component changes etc."
Graduate Vehicle Dynamics engineer, Automotive at Jaguar Land Rover
"Vehicle testing and preparation, data analysis and processing, presentation of results, project management and process improvements"
Development Engineer, Chassis, Product Development at Jaguar Land Rover
"I work with other graduates and engineers on a variety of core engineering tasks"
Product Development Engineer, Body Structures at Jaguar Land Rover
"Home department role: Body Engineering Project Co-Ordinator. Project management and delivery of Body Engineering releases for vehicle programme. Resolve engineering issues, push designs and releases through. Represent and report for Body Eng. at Vehicle Integration, Technical Issues and Launch Mgmt Meetings. Support builds at manufacturing plants. Ensure green status at key vehicle programme gateways. Interact with lead engineers, project/platform leaders, group leaders, chief programme engineers, manufacturing, build team and purchasing on a daily basis. "
Graduate Engineer, Graduate Programme at Jaguar Land Rover
"Powertrain department is very big, and to calibrate an engine, my role on a day-to-day basis can be very varied, i.e. from working with NVH department to reduce noise coming from the engine to working with transmission department to make sure there is good pull away from a stopped condition. Therefore, a lot of exposure to a lot of different departments. "
Engine Calibration Engineer, Powertrain at Jaguar Land Rover
"Supplier Management (Phone Calls, Emails, Meetings) Travelling out to the supply base to control delivery. Find cost improvements. Strategic working on the commodities you are responsible for. SAP super user."
Graduate Buyer, Purchasing at Jaguar Land Rover