Great opportunities for quick progression, hard work and commitment are recognised.


Earning potential, incentives and working environment.

Very rewarding work. Things can change very quickly.


The people are all absolutely fantastic and the culture is amazing for both personal and professional development.

The way you are treated as an employee is excellent - better than anyone I've worked for before by a long way.

The work can be high profile and it has an impact on the wider society and UK consumers.

Flexible working and the ability to work in a culturally and ethically sound environment.

Superb brand, excellent business, amazing opportunities to work in a fast-paced environment, offering cutting edge products and services at the top of its game.

Brand reputation. Fringe benefits. Responsibilities. Real path to become a manager.


Endless opportunities to learn and progress.

Challenging and enjoyable. Good team and working environment.

Get a good work/life balance and work in a very good team.
Very tangible job satisfaction. At the end of the day you can see what you have achieved.


I love the flexible working and studying culture at E.ON


I genuinely cannot stress enough how nice the people at Blake Morgan are.
The dynamic nature and friendly atmosphere are by far the highlights of my job.


17 3M

Excellent colleagues, great support levels and high level of responsibility in work/projects.

Opportunity to work on some breath-taking projects, working with some of the most gifted engineers of my generation.


The best thing about this job is the people you work with and completing a project with high quality and client satisfaction.

Opportunity to work in different offices and general job flexibility. Salary is pretty great and the graduate support network is amazing. 
Career opportunities for development and the amount of projects you're able to work on to get crucial experience.


My job is interesting. I'm constantly learning new things. I'm getting trained as I learn which is even better. My job is also challenging which I enjoy… 

International environment, challenging & interesting job, motivated & highly-skilled colleagues.


Level of responsibility, great culture, challenging role and opportunity to develop and progress.


I get to work with the best people to provide solutions to client problems which is very satisfying. 


Great relaxed/flexible atmosphere in the office and working with great like minded people.


Unrivalled development and learning opportunities.
Consistent work, challenges, good working relationships and support.



The opportunities to gain diverse experiences are numerous; the flexibility to choose where you work and under which department is excellent.
Work/life balance, colleagues are really friendly and there is a good group of graduates who we socialise with.


This job is one that opens a large number of doors in terms of career progression and opportunities…


'The company is constantly growing which means there is a lot of opportunity to get experience in different areas.'


Opportunity to get involved in a range of projects. Also the opportunity to explore your specific interests and opportunities within the wider role.
The people are lovely, the hours are amazing, learning new things all the time and the flexibility. 



The responsibility given to you from day one of your training contract really motivates you as the firm are putting their trust in you with real files and dealing with real clients.

The work is interesting and challenging and the team is a pleasure to work with.
Dynamic atmosphere, changing environments and large amount of responsibility.


38 GE

I've gained exposure to a global organisation and how an industry leader operates at a grassroots level. 

A very good level of responsibility from all parts of the business throughout the graduate programme and afterwards.


The offices are really nice and working with my team has been an incredible experience. 

Positive working environment and colleagues. Great training and growth opportunities. 
Company culture is very warm and friendly, the training on offer is excellent and I have a great work-life balance. 


You will get challenging work and responsibility to match your ambitions.
The work is interesting and engaging, with many opportunities to learn; the BoE offers great benefits and work-life balance; the atmosphere is very supportive.


Supportive environment where you are given challenging work.
Working with a rich variety of colleagues on a variety of jobs- always new people to meet and new opportunities to pursue.


It pays well and hard work is usually well rewarded. It's fun and interesting - I speak to fascinating people on a daily basis.

Good working environment, supportive people, given lots of responsibility and time to learn things.