Alfa Graduate Application and Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at Alfa

Application Advice: Do your homework, the interview process is very simple but they expect you to know what we do and who the clients are. If you get stuck or are not sure during the interview ask questions.
Interview Advice: What do we do here at Alfa ?Give me an example of a type of Asset finance?
at Alfa
Application Advice: Read up on the industry and Alfa.
Interview Advice: What do you know about Alfa? What do you know about asset finance? How does Alfa make its money?
at Alfa
Application Advice: Read all the available material and understand the company, the product, and the asset finance industry. Show how well you understand the role in your cover letter by explaining how your core skills and experiences make you suitable for both the technical and consulting aspects of the role.
Interview Advice: The phone interview and first face-to-face interview are relatively asset finance focused. Read up on this to avoid embarrassment. Show off your skills as a communicator, analyser and someone who appreciates the bigger picture. Don't be rushed into giving an answer and be sure to verbalise your thought process if you're struggling to answer a question directly. The interviewers will be trying to learn about how you think and them. Share why you're enthusiastic about the company and the role, and DO ask questions.
Consultant, at Alfa
Application Advice: Be sure to research the industry we work in (asset financing) as this information is readily available online and makes up a large part of the interview process.
Junior Consultant, CPC at Alfa
Application Advice: Make sure you enjoy coding! Great place to work and all lovely people.
Interview Advice: Be yourself!
Junior Consultant, at Alfa
Application Advice: Research the asset finance industry.
Consultant, at Alfa
Application Advice: Don't be put off by a lack of technical understanding, but thoroughly research Alfa and their product.
Interview Advice: Read through the 'getting it right first time' series. Think about Asset Finance as a whole. Research Alfa Systems as best you can.
Junior Consultant, at Alfa
Application Advice: Show interest and ability in the technical as well as consultancy aspects of the role.
Interview Advice: You will be asked things you won't know the answer to and they won't expect you to. Just be confident and work through any problems clearly so they can understand how you solve problems.
Junior Consultant, at Alfa
Application Advice: Take advantage of the simplicity of the initial application - a cover letter and cv. Make sure your cover letter is to the point and shows your interest in both finance and technology. You do not need prior experience in either.
Interview Advice: Research Asset Finance and try to understand the basics. Have an understanding of what our software does. The HR team are very helpful if you have any questions.
Software Consultant , at Alfa
Application Advice: Research the industry as much as you can. There's a lot of depth to asset finance and some prior knowledge of this will help
Junior Consultant, at Alfa