From the Humber in the north to the Thames in the south; from Daventry in the west to Lowestoft in the east – geographically speaking, we’re the biggest water supply and water recycling company within England and Wales. Every day we work to make sure 1.1 billion litres of clean and safe drinking water makes its way to homes and businesses through 37,000 kilometres of water mains. We’re extremely passionate about safeguarding supplies, which is why our water efficiency campaigns are currently saving 1.5 million litres daily.

And providing clean drinking water is by no means our only focus; our Water Recycling Services employees work hard to collect and treat used water from 2.44 million households and over 110,000 businesses.

The graduates who work for us help us achieve this huge task and consistently feel that they are able to make a real difference from day one. We’re one of the leading providers of water and water recycling services in the UK and our organisation is an industry benchmark for quality and customer service. But what makes us unique is our commitment to providing the development people need to make a real difference. Our career opportunities provide on-going learning and professional development within a challenging work environment which provides a vital service for our customers.

Employers constantly tell us that there is nothing that impresses them more than a graduate who has properly researched the company and really knows why they want to work there - so make sure that you tell them in your application that you have read-up all about them on TheJobCrowd and so you really know what makes that company great and why they are right for you. It will help your application, we promise!

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Graduate Management Programmes covering: operational management, engineering, asset management and regulations

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Must be flexible across East Anglia


Stacey Gibson
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