Aon Graduate Application and Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at Aon

Application advice: Go to Careers fairs and research about the company.
Consultant, General Insurance at Aon
Application advice: The Aon website has useful information on the company in general
Consultant – Team Manager, Health & Benefits – Group Risk at Aon
Application advice: During the interview, it is important to be sincere and answer honestly rather than give the answer you think they are looking for.
Client Manager, Marine Cargo at Aon
Application advice: My application process was a little different to others as I had an internship with one of the legacy companies prior to the merger. Following this, I was invited to an assessment centre for the new merged company. The assessment centre consisted of an interview, a debate on a topic researched before the assessment centre, a numerical test, a written test and a pitch which required me to sell myself in 3 minutes. Before the interview, it's a good idea to read up on what's happening in the financial markets and form a view on what is happening. You don't need to have an investment recommendation of a stock or a well thought out investment strategy, but knowledge of the markets is a good start. In addition to commercial awareness and knowledge of the financial markets, this role requires someone who enjoys working with a range of people, who will have varied levels of financial knowledge. This means being able to explain complex ideas in very plain and easy-to-understand language. It's a good idea to practice this on some of your friends or relatives using the financial crisis as an example. I read a range of books including 'All you need to know about the city – Christopher Stoakes'. This gives great explanations of a number of things you will come across in your role, such as asset classes, key events in financial history and the different business in the investment world. Stoakes has a number of other books which are a great read before interview and definitely before starting work, in particular for those without a financial background.
Investment Analyst, Global Investment Practice at Aon
Application advice: Research the current issues that are happening in the pensions industry. By talking with people that are actuaries or have experience of pensions, you can gain a lot of knowledge which can help with your understanding during the interview process.
Anaylst, Pensions Actuarial at Aon
Application advice: Do as much research as possible about the company. Look at what the financial press/ commentators have to say about the company Demonstrate your ability to get on well with people and be confident (without being over-bearing) Research Aon’s competitors and how they compare Be 100% honest about yourself and what you have to offer the company Ask questions
Broker, Aviation at Aon
Application advice: Regardless of your experience, whether you are just starting out in the industry or have been in the industry for 30 years, there is a place for everybody. The key to your application and to ensure that you stand out from the crowd is to make sure that you present yourself in your own unique way by trying to be yourself and not someone who you think that your prospective employers would want you to be like.
Placing Broker, Sport, Recreation and Entertainment at Aon
Application advice: Learn exactly what being a Pensions actuary is all about. Sit the CT1 Actuarial Professional exam. You can sit this without being employed by a company. This exposes you to what skills you require to be an actuary and shows your willingness to sit the exams. Also, it will give you an indication if becoming an actuary is right for you.
Actuarial Associate Consultant, Pensions Actuarial at Aon
Application advice: Candidates should do some industry research before their interview. A quick Google search will give you a plethora of stories on the changing environment of defined benefit pension schemes and the investment industry as a whole. Candidates should also do research on Aon Hewitt (Google again or Twitter) to see how we are differentiating ourselves from our competition.
Analyst, Investment Department at Aon
Application advice: The biggest tip I can give is probably relevant for any application process, but particularly for this job, be yourself. By the time you reach an interview or assessment day, you have already proven your academic abilities. Our recruiters are most interested in employing engaging and motivated personalities and are more interested in future potential than past achievement. So don't see an interview as a tick-box exercise, but rather a chance for the company to get to know you as an individual.
Actuarial Analyst, UK Retirement at Aon