Best and Worst Things About Balfour Beatty

This page tells you the Best things and the Worst things about working at Balfour Beatty - all the information is taken directly from Balfour Beatty graduate employee reviews

All the experience I am gaining in all areas of the company. The change in lifestyle from being at school, to having loads of responsisbility day to day
Business Administration Apprentice, Administration at Balfour Beatty
Very interesting work. Always facing new challenges.Not all the work is exciting and challenging, there is still some tedious administration work that has to be done to keep projects organised and on track.
Apprentice Cvil Engineer, TEAM 2100 at Balfour Beatty
Being able to work in an industry that is the same field as my degree. A good working environment in terms of the people (colleagues/management etc.) and in terms of how it is helping to shape me as an individual thus aiding my future career.The hours and travelling is a 'shock' to the system as such.
at Balfour Beatty
Fantastic project currently working on and attractive salary.Long hours and travel to site.
Site Engineer, Infrastructure at Balfour Beatty
1) The opportunity to further my practical knowledge by working alongside experienced electricians on site, whilst improving my theoretical knowledge of the industry by studying towards my HNC. 2) The opportunity to represent Balfour Beatty outside of work by delivering seminars to school leavers to educate them on what a job within the construction industry entails. 3) The opportunity to develop myself personally by completing my DofE Gold Award and volunteering to help support a charity called turn to starboard. 4) Feeling valued at work.1) Sometimes there is a lack of direction amongst tradesmen on site as there isn't enough communication from the companies senior management team, however this is something that is being addressed currently.
Electrician , Balfour Beatty Kilpatrick at Balfour Beatty
The weekly hours. The graduate support network. Opportunities available if you seek them.Not so ideal locations.
Graduate Civil Engineer, Power Transmission & Distribution at Balfour Beatty
The excitement and variation of work provided by working on an active construction site, where things change week by week. Occasionally having to work in all weathers and the odd Saturday.
Graduate Construction Manager, Construction Services UK at Balfour Beatty
Feeling like I've contributed to make something on paper become a reality. Long hours. Mis-communication between different people within the team and therefore it feels like your fighting between each other.
Graduate Civil Engineer, at Balfour Beatty
Get to interact with all types of people and sectors. A lot of satisfaction when construction starts picking up shape. Still have to be out on site in bad weathers.
Graduate Site Engineer , at Balfour Beatty
The people are lovely, the hours are amazing, learning new things all the time and the flexibility. Grumpy people and the work load can be too much sometimes.
Apprentice - Business and Administration , Budbrooke at Balfour Beatty