Best and Worst Things About Balfour Beatty

This page tells you the Best things and the Worst things about working at Balfour Beatty - all the information is taken directly from Balfour Beatty graduate employee reviews

Great opportunities to be exposed to senior members of staff. Great opportunity to develop and grow towards professional accreditation. Vast amount of work to get engaged in.IT can be slow in dealing with requests, slowing down your work.
Graduate Civil Engineer, Living Places at Balfour Beatty
- Graduate programme and the training that is available. - Good salary. - Performance reviews to let you know how you are doing. - Support is always available. - Many different experts in the company that is beneficial to development.- Working more hours than your contract and not being paid for them.
Graduate Engineer, AWPR at Balfour Beatty
Exposure to each discipline, progression and training.Inability to work overtime due to restrictions on working weekends.
Graduate Civil Engineer, Cumbria at Balfour Beatty
Dynamic environment and constantly having to adapt to change. Makes me push the boundaries and helps in learning new skills.
Cost Supervisor, Finance at Balfour Beatty
Support and guidance provided by the people I work with is generally very good. People I work with on a regular basis clearly have a definite interest in my development.The company continually seems to suffer from a lack of ownership throughout the business, I'm generally referring to problems non project specific here. Whether that's IT, HR, Engineering you name it there's a mindset that seems to be en-grained to pass things along the chain. Example: Try and get some free software such as Sketchup installed and some protocol says IT person can't install it, so instead of providing answers or work around there's a tendency to pass the blame onto some greater being that we wouldn't dare challenge.
Graduate Civil Engineer, Structural Engineering at Balfour Beatty
The training available to staff.The lack of communication from HR.
at Balfour Beatty
Graduate Development Programme and opportunities to shine are endless.Working towards 'One Balfour Beatty' which allows everyone from different divisions to be feel as though they are part of the wider Balfour Beatty. Not there yet - but they are working hard to achieve it.
Assistant Quantity Surveying, at Balfour Beatty
Flexible working hours and respectable starting salary. There is a graduate programme run by the company, but my particular office (focusing on rail electrification) has no training programme to learn the required knowledge. Very little organistaion for graduates in this office.
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, ETS at Balfour Beatty
Balfour Beatty have a great reputation as a leader in the construction industry and I really enjoy working for such a reputable company. The project I am working on at the moment will bring about real change for the public transport network within Edinburgh and the wider area. It is extremely rewarding to be given the chance to impact on people's lives in this way and improve the infrastructure of Scotland. In addition, the company and the team at my current project provide me with assistance and help whenever I need it, something I greatly appreciate being so new to the job and the industry as a whole. Furthermore, Balfour Beatty has and will continue to, provide me with a whole range of training and continued professional development including pushing me towards becoming a chartered engineer. There is a fair deal of commuting to and from my place of work to home and this can be extremely tiresome at times and makes my working day significantly longer. I feel it would be more beneficial to be placed on a project closer to home. Nevertheless, I appreciate this isn't always feasible and to some extent the nature of working in the construction industry is that you may have to work away from home.
Graduate Site Engineer, Construction Services UK at Balfour Beatty
Well structured graduate scheme.Long hours on site.
at Balfour Beatty