Balfour Beatty Graduate Application and Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at Balfour Beatty

Application Advice: It doesn't matter if your knowledge of the area or company is limited, as long as you are enthusiastic to learn and are ready to take on the challenges.
Business Administration Apprentice, Administration at Balfour Beatty
Interview Advice: Don't worry if you don't know lots about construction or civil engineering. As long as you seem keen to learn and are a likeable person you'll be fine.
Apprentice Cvil Engineer, TEAM 2100 at Balfour Beatty
Application Advice: Show that you are interested in the area/role you are going into and make sure you enjoy/are interested in the role you are going for.
Interview Advice: Be confident (or act as if you are confident) - but not cocky/arrogant. Try to show the real you as much as possible. Remember the interviewer is just trying to help to get the most out of you and see if/where you would fit best for the company.
at Balfour Beatty
Application Advice: Be yourself, enthusiastic and take pride in what you do. You don't need to be the smartest person but be engaging show your willingness to grow your career. Try and show confidences and teamwork.
Interview Advice: Show that you can think outside the box and be innovative. You will be given scenarios to deal with at your assessment centre within a team and try to put the client first where feasibly possible. You will also have individual interviews and be prepared with what you want to do for yourself and what the company can get out of you as an employee.
Site Engineer, Infrastructure at Balfour Beatty
Application Advice: As an applicant it is important to know what is fully expected of you within the job role you are applying for. In order to gain this information it is important to fully research the role you are applying for and the company you are hoping to gain an apprenticeship.
Interview Advice: An interview is not only an opportunity for the employer to ask the candidate questions, it is also an opportunity for the candidate to ask the interviewer questions to gain a better understanding of what is going to be expected of them throughout their apprenticeship and their roles and responsibilities so that the applicant can decide if this job is really for them.
Electrician , Balfour Beatty Kilpatrick at Balfour Beatty
Application Advice: Be flexible in location and job role. Show examples of how you've tried to engage with the industry.
Interview Advice: Show examples of when you've engaged with a team. Show examples of when you've gone out of your way to progress your career. Show eagerness to move to different locations/different job roles.
Graduate Civil Engineer, Power Transmission & Distribution at Balfour Beatty
Application Advice: Research the company and the construction industry before hand. Don't be put off by the online test, just give it your best shot.
Interview Advice: Look into the basics of construction site safety. Consider the implications of bad publicity on the company e.g. what decisions would you take in a situation to avoid things going wrong and giving the company a bad name.
Graduate Construction Manager, Construction Services UK at Balfour Beatty
Application Advice: Be thick skined. You will be physical and on your feet but it is really enjoyable. You see a project starting from the beginning (nothing) to the finished product where people use it and enjoy it.
Interview Advice: What brought you to Balfour Beatty? Name a time you brought something different to a team? Name a time you questioned something you felt wasn't correct? There were group exercises - so making sure I was heard and involved the whole time Talking to more people the better.
Graduate Civil Engineer, at Balfour Beatty
Application Advice: If you like hands on and practical experience aspect of Civil engineering, Balfour Beatty and Site Engineer role is definitely to your suit.
Interview Advice: Always be prepared for any questions from any sector being asked at interview stage and be honest with any answers or replies given.
Graduate Site Engineer , at Balfour Beatty
Application Advice: Ensure you read the job description carefully and discuss with family/friends for a second opinion. Be sure to know what you’d like to progress into for your career. Don’t worry too much about the amount it pays, it will gradually increase as you progress towards your career. Be a salesman/woman when it comes to your application; try to sell yourself with information relevant to the job role in which you can back it up. Look at the progressive routes which the company offers to its apprentices/graduates and decide whether you think it is suitable for you and will benefit you towards your goals.
Interview Advice: Stay calm, be confident (within a limit), keep eye contact and a good body posture. Sell yourself to the employer stating how you think you can fit within the role and how you think you can contribute towards the company. Research the company and learn a little about how it has progressed and some of the latest information such as projects it is/has successfully carried out, this will show you are prepared and have a keen interest within the company. Any questions you don’t understand can feel like you are on the spot and very nerve wracking, but stay calm and politely ask him/her to elaborate. This will show you are keen to answer and have attention to detail. You’ll be just fine as long as you do those things. GOOD LUCK!
Apprentice - IT Networking , Networking at Balfour Beatty