Balfour Beatty Graduate Application and Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at Balfour Beatty

Application Advice: Be honest and true to yourself, there are lots of places available and so there's always something for you to fit into.
Interview Advice: Be friendly and positive, after all you're being interviewed by your future colleagues and managers!
Graduate Civil Engineer, Living Places at Balfour Beatty
Application Advice: - Ensure everything you put on your CV is true. - Be honest.
Interview Advice: - Ensure you know everything about your CV. - Be honest and let them know of your better skills and what needs development. - Ask questions that are relevant to your role. - Seem interested, try not to be nervous.
Graduate Engineer, AWPR at Balfour Beatty
Application Advice: To make sure you are applying for the right role you want to work in, or have a graduate placement in.
Interview Advice: The recruitment process is very informal, there are areas which require formal attitude and behaviour but Balfour Beatty are very good at making you relax in the interview aspect of the application.
Graduate Civil Engineer, Cumbria at Balfour Beatty
Application Advice: Be prepared to join an organisation which looks to develop its graduates to the fullest of their potential with utmost support.
Interview Advice: Be yourself!
Cost Supervisor, Finance at Balfour Beatty
Application Advice: Have some experience. It's obvious, but the guy who keeps referring to a project he did in university will never have as much to say as the girl who's worked on a site even if that was only for a summer placement. It's also very useful to know details about the project beyond the area worked on, a highly driven applicant would understand that as a contracting business knowing the project inside is an appealing quality.
Interview Advice: If you can demonstrate a genuine interest for the industry everything will flow easily. If you're able to talk about issues in the industry, exciting projects, site visits you've been on etc. things like that, the interview quickly becomes more of a conversation than an interview. If you can't do this the interviewer will be forced to stick to those dreaded teamwork questions.
Graduate Civil Engineer, Structural Engineering at Balfour Beatty
Application Advice: Be accurate in your experiences. Balfour Beatty take on a wide range of graduates with different skill sets so don't be scared to show them you have a varied skillset which allows your brain to work in different ways.
Interview Advice: Show passion and enthusiasm to wanting to learn. They can smell this from miles away and will be impressed. Remember not everyone knows everything and if you show them you are willing to learn and recognise you do not understand something - they will appreciate this. Come across as yourself in the interview and smile.
Assistant Quantity Surveying, at Balfour Beatty
Interview Advice: Fairly straight forward assessment centre, nothing unusual (interview, group exercise, written test).
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, ETS at Balfour Beatty
Application Advice: Be prepared to take on a huge amount of responsibility right from the get go. I wasn't eased into the project, or asked to shadow an engineer for a number of months, on the contrary I was given a significant role within the project team straight away. At times this is quite daunting as most of the work I was carrying out was completely new to me and the job itself can become pretty stressful. However, it forces you out of your comfort zone and as a result you adapt to the role more quickly and learn how to deal with this on your own.
Interview Advice: Be confident and show your personality. Everybody that has been put forward for the interview has good grades/degree, what will make you stand out from the rest of the applicants is your personality. The interviewer is probably thinking "Can I work with this person on a daily basis?", therefore it's important to show that you can fit into a working environment and that you will get along with your fellow colleagues. I enjoyed the Balfour Beatty application process, even though it can seem tough and daunting. Nobody that is assessing you is trying to catch you out. Everybody I dealt with in the company during the process was extremely welcoming and this made it a lot easier.
Graduate Site Engineer, Construction Services UK at Balfour Beatty
Application Advice: Do your research and show motivation. Be organised and prepared.
Interview Advice: Smile, be polite and friendly. Prepare to talk about your previous experience.
at Balfour Beatty
Application Advice: Be willing to travel and work long hours.
Engineer, Regional Civils/ North East at Balfour Beatty