BAM Construct UK Graduate Application and Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at BAM Construct UK

Application Advice: It is an excellent opportunity and I would recommend it to anyone interested in the construction industry. Educate yourself as much as possible about the construction industry and any potential employers prior to any interviews.
Interview Advice: Research as much as possible about the construction industry and the employer as you can. Try and think of a few clever questions to ask at the end of the interview as it shows you are interested. Do some practice interviews with friends or family to get you familiar with the type of questions that are likely to come up.
Trainee Site Manager - Apprentice, Construction Management at BAM Construct UK
Application Advice: Honesty and positivity seem to be at the heart of BAM's business policy, so this should be reflected within your CV. Any passion towards the industry will go a long way, as many of your peers may not demonstrate this through their application.
Interview Advice: A few key questions will be asked during interview: "What does a Quantity Surveyor do?" "Why do you want to be a QS?" "Why do you want to work for BAM?" The best advice would be to research the job description and understand the role. This may be difficult as there is not much data to be found from a Google search so benefit can be found by speaking to a working QS. It is also worth researching company financials to show a keen interest in that specific company - being able to state most recent turnover and number of employees will come across as impressive.
Trainee Project Surveyor- Apprentice, Quanitity Surveying at BAM Construct UK
Application Advice: Make sure you research the job role extensively before applying and understand how much work is involved in studying and working at the same time. It is not something that can be sailed through, it takes dedication and focus but if you enjoy the role then you will enjoy the outcome.
Interview Advice: Make sure you try and get your personality across and really research the industry prior to the interview. Ask as many questions as possible and ensure that your enthusiasm is portrayed.
Trainee Project Surveyor- Apprentice, Quantity Surveying at BAM Construct UK
Application Advice: Approach the job/application process with ultimate enthusiasm to be as successful as possible. A well self-driven character with an eagerness to learn and do well in the industry.
Trainee Site Manager - Apprentice, at BAM Construct UK
Application Advice: Have a good CV with evidence of experiences that you have carried out.
Interview Advice: Always have some knowledge about the company and what type of work they carry out. Be aware of what weaknesses you may have.
Construction Trainee - Apprentice, Construction at BAM Construct UK
Application Advice: Being a site manager isn't what you expect, the role entails far more than just health and safety management and quality management. You have to be a very determined and passionate about the job.
Interview Advice: As cheesy as it may sound, be yourself! Go into the interview with a positive mindset and keep calm.
Trainee Site Manager, Construction Scotland at BAM Construct UK
Application Advice: Make sure you research into the company and make sure it's a role you really want. Be yourself.
Interview Advice: Know about the company, think of scenarios you have been in and how you have responded to certain situations that may have given you experience in this type of role. Be confident, be yourself and ask questions at the end if you have any. Don't be afraid to ask, you have to make sure it's the right position for you too.
Site Manager , at BAM Construct UK
Application Advice: Complete an up to date, thorough CV. Partake in work experience/volunteering in a construction environment to understand what an average day will be like. Contact the company and show interest in knowing what the role will involve.
Interview Advice: Be yourself. You will be asked about the company and job role you are applying for - revise these answers and research further than the home page of their website. Make yourself stand out - don't be arrogant, but be confident in everything you say and how you act. Make them remember you for the right reasons. They were once in your position, everything they ask they were probably asked before. You are a trainee and aren't expected to know all the answers, don't be afraid to say you are unsure - just show you are willing to learn about the answers you don't know.
Technician Apprentice, at BAM Construct UK
Application Advice: Try to get involved in as much as possible but not over work yourself. Don't be afraid to ask a question even if it sounds stupid.
Construction Management Trainee , at BAM Construct UK
Application Advice: Enter the field with an open mind because the training includes a wide variety of fields such as quantity surveying, engineering and project planning.
Interview Advice: Health and safety are at the forefront of the interviewer's minds. Show your personality. The interviewers are interested in the type of person you are, not necessarily your qualifications.
Construction Trainee, at BAM Construct UK