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Graduate Scheme -Sales & Marketing Role, Exeter at Barratt Developments
at Barratt Developments

How would you describe your job in 2-3 lines?
An amazing opportunity to experience the construction industry from every aspect. The scheme involves six 8 week placements throughout the first year in Land & Planning, Technical,Commercial, Construction, Sales & Marketing and Accounts. The second year is assumed in the discipline of my choice for a year which is in Sales & Marketing and allows me to become an Assistant Field Sales Manager in my last few months.
What do you actually do on a day-to-day basis?
The role involves a vast range of tasks and responsibilities in the Sales & Marketing discipline. Every day has been different from the day before. I have worked with others in creating a marketing campaign for a development which has included designing and decorating a haunted house for Halloween, briefing media agencies on what adverts were required, what mailers were required and organising a text campaign; worked closely with sales advisors on developments to understand their roles which has involved travel around the county; researching an area where houses have been proposed to be built and giving my input on what prices they would fetch given the current market; shadowing management to understand what their role involves and what I could be doing in the future; attending management meetings; and giving my own feedback and suggestions. This is only a taster of what I have been learning. The role has allowed me to interact with the sales office team, the development site teams, the Sales Manager, the Sales Director and the Managing Director who is my Mentor.
What are the main positives and negatives to your job?
The Graduate Scheme Talent Team who hire graduates to the roles offer a strong support network and ensure that I'm gaining as much experience and learning the most that I can from the scheme. Management from within the company are keen to get my opinion and feedback. It is helpful that my mentor is the Managing Director as he gives as much support as possible and knows the company well. Having general knowledge of the different disciplines by the end of my first year allows me to have a great overview of how the company works and how to improve it which is a great basis for moving into management in the future.
What qualifications and skills are needed to be great at this job?
2.1 degree minimum,in any subject area.
Although experience can be an advantage it is not necessary. Even more important is your personal qualities.

In what ways has the reality of your job differed from your prior expectations?
The reality has superseded what I expected. I knew that I would gain support and learning from joining a graduate scheme but Barratt Developments are great ambassadors for how to support graduates and develop them. I have been to numerous training days in different places. The Graduate Talent Team are continuously in touch and have supported me greatly. Management are genuinely interested in graduates and see them as an integral and important asset in the future of the company. I don't feel like I've only been hired to do a job but to give my opinion and help the company to progress.
What advice would you give to candidates applying for a similar role at this company
Competition is high for the role but don't let that put you off. I never expected to get on a graduate scheme like that of Barratt Developments but I did research on the company and on the market. It's really important just to be yourself. Don't worry if you haven't any experience in the industry or a related degree subject when compared to other applicants. It's your personality and ability that will get you the final offer.
What hours do you actually work, on average? 9amto 5pm.
With the benefit of hindsight, would you choose to do this job again?
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Graduate Scheme -Sales & Marketing Role
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Date of Review: 08th Nov 2010
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