Best and Worst Things About Change Agents UK

This page tells you the Best things and the Worst things about working at Change Agents UK - all the information is taken directly from Change Agents UK graduate employee reviews

Working on something I'm passionate, working in a university environment, getting lots of opportunities for professional and personal development as well as lots of training.Working not as part of a team in an environment with older colleagues in a new city, being thrown in the deep end and too many expectations for someone new to the role.
Sustainability Projects Assistant at the University of Sheffield, at Change Agents UK
Working with enthusiastic staff and students at the University. When putting a lot into events and not having many attendees.
Sustainability Projects Assistant, University of Salford at Change Agents UK
Working with a wide variety of people. Flexible timetable. Interesting and potentially challenging scenarios.
Energy & Fuel Poverty Officer, at Change Agents UK
The amount of flexibility I have- I get to work on a big range of projects, which is both enjoyable and has helped to develop my time management and organisational skills. My team are great and I feel as though I slotted in nicely to the team from very early on. I work closely with my colleagues on certain projects, and my boss is very positive with allowing us to run with ideas that we have. I get to work on things that I actually care about and feel as though I am doing something positive day to day.My boss can be quite laissez-faire and sometimes I feel as though I could do with a little more guidance on what is wanted, especially since this is my first professional role. Working in sustainability can sometimes be an uphill battle and progress sometimes feels slow in terms of student/ staff engagement.
Environmental Projects Assistant, Sustainability and Environmental Management at Change Agents UK
Seeing the positive impact of my and my team’s projects, which can not only reduce the amount of household food waste and save that family/individual money. Also, it can change their attitude to food, which I have realised during the project many people have a rather unhealthy attitude to food which can go on to impact their happiness and health.Frustrated by a lack of project management which I am unable to influence, but it still has an impact on my own day to day working and success of the overall project. Lack of desire for learning and improvement. These problems are with the organisation I work within, not the agency (change agents).
Food Saver Champion, Sustainability at Change Agents UK
The opportunities to develop new skills and experiences in areas that you previously had no experience in, offering diversity to the role and the ability to adapt your role to your interests.Charity pay!
Recruitment & Development Coordinator, Recruitment & Development at Change Agents UK
Being able to communicate sustainable initiatives and witness progress in the organisation.Time management - being part time I feel that this could be a full time position for the amount of work that could be achieved.
Sustainability Assistant , Estates at Change Agents UK
The freedom to shape the role how I want.Poor salary.
Sustainability Projects Assistant, Estate Management at Change Agents UK
Career progression - it's given me an opportunity to get on my career ladder, something that I know (and have experienced) is very competitive in the environmental sector.It's not a permanent position - I wish it was!
Environmental Communications Coordinator, Environmental Strategy at Change Agents UK
The ability the roles gives to provide opportunities for other graduates to gain paid work experience that will help them to further their careers in the sustainability sector and within ethical businesses.
Senior Projects and Business Development Manager, Permanent at Change Agents UK