Change Agents UK Graduate Application and Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at Change Agents UK

Application Advice: Don't settle for anything you're not passionate about. I did a lot of volunteering before this job because I was passionate about sustainability and my circle back then was trying to discourage me from "wasting time" on non-profitable activities, but it was all this voluntary experience that distinguished me from other candidates and gave me the job.
Interview Advice: Be fun and enthusiastic. Try to demonstrate a broad range of experiences rather than talking about the same role all the time. Practice possible questions. Make sure you do your research about the organisation and throw in a couple of facts about them to impress them. Use the STAR technique but also following it with what you learned and how you link it to the role.
Sustainability Projects Assistant at the University of Sheffield, at Change Agents UK
Application Advice: Brief and to the point applications.
Interview Advice: Research the company, practice presentations.
Sustainability Projects Assistant, University of Salford at Change Agents UK
Application Advice: I feel as though my degree was a baseline to getting an interview for the job, and in my interview, I talked more about experience I had outside of purely studying, so it would be very helpful for candidates to have relevant experience. I also felt that I was able to show a genuine interest in the role because sustainability is something that I care about personally, and I think that came across in my application and interviews. I think showing passion and confidence is important.
Interview Advice: - Give a short presentation about the NUS Green Impact programme and why it was important - How would you motivate people who are not necessarily interested in the environment to engage with sustainable behaviours? - Ideas for how to engage more students in sustainability - When had I had to solve problems? - Experience of event organisation and team work.
Environmental Projects Assistant, Sustainability and Environmental Management at Change Agents UK
Application Advice: Find what would motivate you in that role and let that shine through in the application. What is unique about your skills and character that would suit that role?
Interview Advice: Do your research about that sector before the interview. For example, my role was about household food waste minimisation. So I researched information about the level of food waste in the UK, and the environmental and economic impact of that on the household food waste on themselves and local area. I also looked at schemes that had already been run with similar aims. I also practised competency questions, with examples of when I displayed particular skills.
Food Saver Champion, Sustainability at Change Agents UK
Application Advice: Look at the potential within a role, and the values of the company that you are working for. Work is enjoyable if you are in an environment that fosters learning and challenges you to progress.
Interview Advice: The worst thing in an interview situation is to be unprepared. How do your skills and experience relate to the role? What do you have to offer the organisation that they don't even know they need. Prepared candidates are a breath of fresh air!
Recruitment & Development Coordinator, Recruitment & Development at Change Agents UK
Application Advice: Research the posistion/job role beforehand.
Interview Advice: Be passionate about sustainability.
Sustainability Assistant , Estates at Change Agents UK
Application Advice: Arm yourself with lots of good examples of how your skills match the role.
Interview Advice: Prepare thoroughly.
Sustainability Projects Assistant, Estate Management at Change Agents UK
Application Advice: Prepare a presentation that illustrates your deep understanding of the organisation's aims and objectives.
Senior Projects and Business Development Manager, Permanent at Change Agents UK
Application Advice: Think widely and creatively about the role - this organisation values ideas.
Interview Advice: Be prepared to give lots of concrete examples of how you have worked and what you have achieved. Also spend time reflecting on your own working style.
Business development coordinator, at Change Agents UK
Application Advice: Focus on strengths, not on the best phrasing of strengths.
Interview Advice: Being concise.
Waste Officer, Environmental Services at Change Agents UK