IBM Graduate Application and Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at IBM

Interview Advice: Make sure you have a detailed knowledge of the company, including its history and its values.
Technical Sales Specialist, Continuous Engineering at IBM
Application Advice: Highlight technical and communication skills, pro-activity.
Interview Advice: Be kind and polite, ensure you are involving others and moderating egos in group activities. Know what IBM does, or at least what the part you're applying to does.
Business Analyst/Developer, FSS at IBM
Application Advice: Spend time and do not rush, get friends, parents etc to look over your application, focus on the competencies and give good examples.
Interview Advice: Be yourself, prepare
Client Technical Professional, IBM Analytics at IBM
Application Advice: Sell yourself as keen to learn, not know-it-all Don't jazz up the sentence, write clean and clear
Interview Advice: Be yourself Be calm Sell yourself as keen to learn, not know-it-all Confidence, Confidence, Confidence
Application Advice: Be aware that applications into the GBS business unit will place you in a consulting type role no matter what title they give the job.
Interview Advice: Nothing specific just be yourself and enjoy the ride.
Database/Java Developer, Secure Service Delivery at IBM
Application Advice: Make sure you use career services at universities / schools. They will be able to help you get your CV/Application in tip top condition.
Interview Advice: Make sure you learn about IBM's history. There are plenty of good youtube videos which cover history and what we're doing now.
Consultant, GBS iX at IBM
Application Advice: Be yourself. It doesn't matter what degree you have done.
Interactive Experience Consultant, Interactive Experience at IBM
Application Advice: IBM does not require you to know everything or to be a technical guru, as long as you have the right skills that match what IBM needs, you can be successful in the process. Be honest and show your strongest skills, presenting them well via real life examples. Any experience is good experience that helps you learn, do not underestimate any experience via uni jobs or any voluntary activities.
Interview Advice: Be honest and specific. Use STAR approach to structure your answers. Practice makes perfect.
Business and Technical Consultant, at IBM
Application Advice: Be yourself in the assessment centre, and spend time researching IBM's products, services, divisions, and campaigns (i.e. Watson/Smarter Planet)
Event Coordinator, Technical Solutions Centre at IBM
Application Advice: Relax, think logically, and when you get through be prepared to job hunt for your first role - otherwise you'll be placed onto something you may not want to do!
Interview Advice: Know the share price!
Customer Experience Consultant, IBM Interactive Experience at IBM