IBM Graduate Interview Questions and Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at IBM

"Research the company - IBM has some very strong values and if you identify with these, itias a fantastic company to work for. Spend some time understanding what the company stands for to see if it matches what you hold important. Research the industry - It is key throughout the interview process to show an awareness of how the IT industry as a whole is shifting and how IBM is strategically positioning itself to adapt to this - take a look at the company website to read around this area. "
Commercial Manager, at IBM
"Read the website, particularly the current innovations and growth initiatives. Be aware of the company in the news, and also think about what kind of things will be affecting the industry at the moment."
Business Consultant, GBS at IBM
"inform yourself in advance, talk to people within IBM consulting to find out if it's the right thing for you"
Business Consultant, Change Management at IBM
"Be yourself, enjoy the process if you can"
Business Consultant, at IBM
"Don't be put off with the expectations required of you. Most of the learning is through dealing with complex issues and you will find that there is a lot of support from the teams around you."
SO Accountant, at IBM
"Study a lot from the IBM website about their history and on-going projects (e.g. Smarter Planet). The interview process takes quite a long time, so it probably best to start as early as possible."
Business and Technology Consultant, AMS at IBM
"Be yourself, communicate clearly the value you can bring to the company Show off your skills"
Client Manager, at IBM
"Research IBM via the web, particularly the smarter commerce and smarter planet initiatives. I would also spend time researching the type of work IBM signs. It is also worth being aware of the CIMA exemptions etc you show off at interview."
Financial Management Consultant, at IBM
"Read as much of the website as you can. Be aware of the big projects IBM is working on and the industry focuses we have. Be yourself in the interview, making sure you demonstrate your intellect and communication skills. At assessment centres, stand out, but let others do so as well."
Business and Technical Consultant, at IBM
"Understand what is required from a person during a group assessment in an interview process."
SAP Consultant, at IBM