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Graduates at InterContinental Hotels Group seem unanimous in their praise for the “global opportunities” offered by a brand with such international presence. With “endless possibilities to travel and move around”, it is easy to see why the company achieved impressive ratings of 4.7/5 for International Opportunities and 4.5/5 for Location. Other reviews laud the “dedication to employee development” and the “many training opportunities across various departments”. The company provides plenty of “great support and training to create leaders in the industry”, with an “experienced workforce that wants to share ideas and help people develop”. All of this is reflected in InterContinental Hotels Group’s ratings of 4.5/5 for Support and 4.4/5 for Training. One reviewer sums it up simply: “IHG really takes care of its employees and focuses on developing new talent and giving internal promotions”, perhaps also explaining the company’s score of 4.1/5 for Career Progression Opportunities. Numerous other factors get praised by InterContinental Hotels Group’s graduates, from the “wide range of brands to gain experience in” to the discounted travel and “skilled and knowledgeable managers”, who helped the company score 4.1/5 for Management. Plenty of graduates wax lyrical about the company’s ethos and ethical awareness, with one reviewer explaining that “the company values can be felt throughout the organisation, from corporate to hotel level”. It is hardly any wonder that InterContinental Hotels Group achieved a rating of 4.2/5 for Ethical and Environmental Awareness. For the chance to work for a global brand, with opportunities across the world and an excellent training programme, there can be little doubt that InterContinental Hotels Group is one of the best places to be. [From the Top Companies 2015/16]

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Average Salary:£21,000 - £23,000