Mazars LLP Graduate Application and Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at Mazars LLP

Application Advice: Restrict some content to headlines rather than full exposés - this helps to build interest in your profile, and offers something for you to discuss further at interview.
Interview Advice: As cliché as it is, illustrate that you have a personality rather than trying to say 'all the right things'.
Corporate Finance Executive, Corporate Finance at Mazars LLP
Application Advice: Fill in the form correctly check for spelling and grammar errors manually rather than relying on an automatic spell check. Use specific answers to questions, not stock answers for generic questions.
Interview Advice: Prepare answers before coming, be confident and relaxed. Most importantly be yourself, you need to let some of your personality out to stand out from the crowd.
Corporate assistant, at Mazars LLP
Application Advice: Be sure that you want to go into accountancy. Make sure you respect the values which the company stand for. Otherwise you may not fit in well with the team. This is one thing assessors look for at interviews etc.
Interview Advice: Be calm and research the company and role so that you know exactly what you are applying for.
Senior , Tax at Mazars LLP
Application Advice: Make sure you understand what you are actually undertaking in respect of the ACA exams.
Interview Advice: Ask questions.
Corporate assisstant, External audit at Mazars LLP
Application Advice: Be willing to look outside the Big four but we don't like being compared to them. It is a completely different organisation and culture here.
Assistant, Forensics and Investigation Services at Mazars LLP
Application Advice: Research the firm and role thoroughly. Be yourself in interviews and assessment days
Interview Advice: Be yourself. Ask questions. Good commercial awareness. Give a balanced view.
Audit Senior, Audit at Mazars LLP
Application Advice: Be genuine about why you would like to become a Chartered Accountant and exhibit the desire to learn new things every day.
Interview Advice: Come in prepared to answer a variety of questions on what makes up true leadership, how you would add value to the team, etc.
Student Chartered Accountant, Audit at Mazars LLP
Application Advice: Be careful when signing a contract that involves being sponsored. Try the job role by way of work experience to get a feel for the role.
Interview Advice: Brush up on knowledge on the firm nationally/internationally but focus on researching the role you are applying for and why you'd fit. Also ask questions of your own, it's a two way process.
Accounting Trainee, Outsourcing at Mazars LLP
Application Advice: Be good at maths.
Interview Advice: Be confident.
Corporate assistant, Audit at Mazars LLP
Application Advice: Consider the time commitments you have outside of work - doing the ACA is a rigorous training contract.
Interview Advice: Ensure you are fully aware on why you are applying for the role and have done some research on the company/office.
Chartered Accountant Trainee, Audit at Mazars LLP