Micro Focus Graduate Application and Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at Micro Focus

Application Advice: Research the role that you would be applying for, Micro Focus handle a lot of Legacy technologies for other companies so it's likely a good idea to learn about some of them.
Interview Advice: Practice how to respond to a coding problem on the fly. During the interview you will be tested on your technical knowledge. The answers don't need to be perfect as long as your logic is sound, but this makes it easy to mess up explanations if you're not confident.
Systems Software Engineer, Newbury at Micro Focus
Application Advice: It is a good place to work at especially when you start your IT career as there are a lot of good professionals to learn from.
Interview Advice: Be yourself on the interview.
Software Developer, at Micro Focus
Application Advice: Show a good grounding in programming and problem solving. Being an expert in a language is not required, just show a solid foundation.
Interview Advice: You'll be required to write some code on a whiteboard and talk through how you're solving the problem. Even if you don't come up with the optimal solution, the most important thing is to talk through how you're trying to solve the problem.
Graduate Systems Software Engineer, Communications at Micro Focus
Application Advice: Make sure you make your CV very good, in order to increase your chances of being called on an interview.
Interview Advice: Stay calm and think, if you do not know something, do not guess it. Show your motivation. Be positive and proactive.
System Software Developer, Eclipse IDE at Micro Focus
Application Advice: A CV that shows you have a degree and some experience in programming is enough. The application will include a test so you will be able to show your coding skills.
Interview Advice: Be yourself, relax, be cooperative and let them help you. They know you don't know everything they want to see if you're willing to learn and work in a team.
System Software Developer I, IDE for mainframe application development at Micro Focus
Application Advice: Sometimes an internship programme is available. Phone interviews are done first.
Interview Advice: - Algorithm questions - Basic optimisation questions - Object-Oriented design questions - Basic computing principle questions - Implementing an algorithm (code on whiteboard)
Software System Developer 1, IDE at Micro Focus
Application Advice: Do your research. Micro Focus is known as the COBOL company, but that is just one of the things we do.
Interview Advice: Be honest, if you don't know the answer to a question then say so!
Software System Developer, COBOL Application Server at Micro Focus
Application Advice: Be honest about how much programming experience you have. I don't have a Computer science degree but they were willing to take me on as I could demonstrate my interest in the field and the required level of competency.
Software Systems Developer 1, at Micro Focus
Application Advice: The role is most suited for those looking for a long term career.
Software Developer, at Micro Focus
Application Advice: No one likes a bloated CV
Interview Advice: Take suggestions and don't argue
Software System Developer, at Micro Focus