Best and Worst Things About NCC Group

This page tells you the Best things and the Worst things about working at NCC Group - all the information is taken directly from NCC Group graduate employee reviews

Variety.Can be a bit too strict in terms of needing to follow policies and procedures.
Communications Content Assistant, Marketing at NCC Group
The wide variety of jobs and the flexibility.Sometimes can be long hours.
CDO Consultant, CDO at NCC Group
Training offered by the company. Company working environment.
Security Consultant, Technical Security Consulting at NCC Group
Endless training and resources for growth, support for virtually any subject you want to delve deeper into, fantastic benefits, high salary, brilliant colleagues, I could go on forever.
Security Consultant, Security Consulting at NCC Group
Everything! - Dream Job.
at NCC Group
- Work environment - Line of work - ManagementLong sales cycle. Takes a long time for the commission to start rolling through.
Account Manager, at NCC Group
Good working environment and getting along with managers and colleagues.
Account Manager, at NCC Group
Working environment.Long sales cycle that requires patience.
Graduate Account Manager, Escrow at NCC Group
Good salary. Knowledgeable colleagues. Lots of opportunities to move into more niche areas such as CDO etc.Some offices are not in convenient locations. Sometimes required to stay over night near job location.
Computer Security Consultant, Penetration Testing at NCC Group
Highly interesting work. Constant learning.Reports.
Security Consultant, Security Consulting at NCC Group