Network Rail Graduate Application and Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at Network Rail

Application Advice: Revise project management competencies and focus on safety culture.
Interview Advice: Make sure you have a few examples of when you have helped in a situation/managed a situation/improved the safety of a situation. Be as calm and relaxed as you can be and try to build a bit of rapport throughout the interview.
Graduate Project Manager, Civils at Network Rail
Interview Advice: Showing an awareness of the company's priorities - e.g. safety
Infrastructure Projects at Network Rail
Application Advice: Research the company well, familiarise yourself with the company's vision and understand the importance of safety in the organisation.
Interview Advice: Asked a question on safety. How I have worked in times of adversity. Examples of when I have lead a team. Keep eye contact, make a good first impression, smile!
Human Resources Graduate, HR at Network Rail
Application Advice: I would say read up on our culture, our lifesaving rules and our close call process. If you are invited to an assessment centre you are likely to have to do a group exercise, so don't be afraid to have general chats with friends, and have someone marking you in terms of interpersonal skills and creativity etc. during the discussion.
Interview Advice: I would say don't underestimate how important safety is to the company. Think about times in your career where you have implemented a procedure which has made the environment safer.
HR Graduate, HR at Network Rail
Application Advice: Research Network Rail and demonstrate how your skills and competencies would support the company in achieving their objectives.
Interview Advice: During the interview I was told I was going to do a presentation and had 20 minutes.
Finance Graduate, Finance at Network Rail
Application Advice: Get your research right and learn about the company. Make sure that you understand the work and, to a certain extent, what the scheme offers. This is a two-way process in which the company assesses your performance and adaptability and you assess the company as the place that can give you the opportunity to grow and develop.
Interview Advice: Relax. The interviewers are also nervous, so speak to them in the way you would to an adult in a formal setting; for instance, the way you would speak to a Professor or Doctor at University when you are having a 1 to 1 session. Engage with them; I believe an interview to be a discussion forum between two or three people, so tell them about your experiences and, of course, answer the question they make, but try to engage with them in a discussion.
Graduate Engineer, Safety, Technical & Engineering at Network Rail
Application Advice: Be prepared for a long interview process. It takes a while to get through the number of applicants. The assessment centres are condensed but are less intense than others. They are not designed to make people fail.
Interview Advice: Know your basics and be prepared to think on your feet. There will be railway based questions on topics you are most likely to not know unless you studied railway engineering. Think through the logic of what you are being asked and work it out. They aren't questions you should know the answers to beforehand.
Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Safety Technical Engineering at Network Rail
Application Advice: Read about the company and what they do, main challenges, stakeholder... The application process is very well described on the company's website. Don't be afraid to ask questions on the Facebook page.
Scheme Project Manager, IP Signalling at Network Rail
Application Advice: Keep in mind the company's objectives and competencies. Ensure you have a good knowledge of the industry, the company's recent and future projects and how the role supports the objectives of the firm.
Interview Advice: Make sure you're aware of issues affecting the company and the strategies the firm is using to mitigate against them. Be aware of recent projects and how these relate to the firm's objectives and strategy - There is plenty online!
Procurement, Route Services at Network Rail
Application Advice: Research. Lots of stages. Takes a long time.
Interview Advice: Be yourself, take ownership, know your strengths and show you can engage other people.
Performance at Network Rail