Network Rail Graduate Application and Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at Network Rail

Application Advice: Understand your motivations for working at the company to ensure you are suited to the job. Ensure to portray a range of positive qualities in the application.
Interview Advice: Give an example of a time when... (usual competency based questions). Why do you want to work for the company? Why do you want to be on the graduate scheme? What do you know about Network Rail? How much distance would a train cover if it immediately began to brake at a constant rate of -Xms^-2 from a speed of Ym/s?
Assistant Track Engineer, Track Maintenance at Network Rail
Application Advice: The assessment centre is intense as the time for it has been halved. Do not dominate the group sessions, make sure that everyone gets a chance to speak. Be the person who brings the quieter people, into the discussion. Be prepared to justify your ideas. Even if they are good, if you cant justify them when you are questioned, you will not do well.
Interview Advice: Know your basic physics principles and equations of motion. The interview is about knowing the basics and being an enjoyable person to talk to. No question was asked about Network Rail in general, only questions about the railway. Find information about track layout before you find out how many people work for network rail.
Graduate Engineer, Safety Techinical Engineering at Network Rail
Application Advice: Got to do something to stand out without being to brash and bold, this will only have a negative affect.
Interview Advice: Competency questions are crucial at video and final interview stage.
General Management Graduate, Performance at Network Rail
Application Advice: To be enthusiastic and demonstrate the range of experiences.
Interview Advice: Being enthusiastic, prepared to change and prepared to take a series of opportunities.
Project Operations Interface Specialist, Western Route at Network Rail
Application Advice: Make sure you: Research the industry, company, future of the railway. They don't expect you to know a lot but being able to talk about the above in some level of detail will show you're interested in the organisation. Safety and performance go hand in hand it is a key mantra of the company! Try to work safety into your application.
Interview Advice: You will get asked motivational questions, a few competency questions and a technical related question. Prepare as well as you can with examples for your competencies which reflect you in the best manner.
Scheme Project Manager, Network Rail Telecoms at Network Rail
Application Advice: Make sure that you focus on your communication skills.
Interview Advice: - Why do I want to work in the rail industry? - What do I know about the industry? - Technical Questions relating to the insertion of a new bridge (what information would we need to know and what engineering challenges might we face....?)
Graduate Civil Engineer, Route Asset Management at Network Rail
Application Advice: Do plenty of research around the company as it is very diverse. Try and show your personality in your application/ interview.
Interview Advice: Even if you don't have an engineering or project management related degree, think about other examples you could use to show your interest or where you might have managed projects in other work (e.g. in your degree).
Graduate Project Manager, at Network Rail
Application Advice: Show that you have researched the company and more importantly, the industry in which it operates. The best applications will convey a genuine interest in the industry (not just a list of obscure facts you found on the internet!) and will clearly explain why the candidate would be suitable for the role. Having your own "unique selling point(s)" for any application is important; you must be able to set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd with ever-increasing applications for graduate positions.
Interview Advice: At this stage, the assessment is more based on character than technical ability (although this will also be important). Relax and be yourself - the more comfortable you are, the more comfortable you will make the assessor feel. If you ever feel under pressure, take your time and show that you are composed and in control of the situation before delivering a response.
Finance Graduate, Various at Network Rail
Application Advice: Read up on the scheme. Prepare some examples of things you have done.
Interview Advice: Mostly common sense. Basic engineering principles. e.g. what affects train braking distance?
Graduate Engineer, Network Operations at Network Rail
Application Advice: Know what you want further into the future than just that one job. Do your research.
Interview Advice: Have plenty of examples of "Examples when" type questions and be yourself. Blagging tends to go badly.
Graduate Engineer, LNE Signalling at Network Rail