Network Rail Graduate Application and Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at Network Rail

Application Advice: Be honest, stick to answering the questions, practice the online tests before carrying out the NR ones.
Interview Advice: Understand what a project is and the different stages of a project. Be aware that you are joining a large infrastructure / engineering company and do appropriate research in that sector. Understand why you want to join the business and industry and how that fits with your overarching career aspirations.
Scheme Project Manager, Project Development at Network Rail
Application Advice: Be prepared to travel for training throughout the scheme! You will have a contracted location, however, the first 6 months require the candidate to be proactive in finding smaller placements in different areas of the company. Then the candidate will have 6 month placements.
Interview Advice: Gain an understanding of the railway; the industry, the customers (TOCs, FOCs...). What made you interested in the industry to apply for the role? Explain how you are a team player: everything in the railway relies upon colleagues. Basic knowledge on electronic circuitry (for electronic/electrical engineering scheme).
Graduate Engineer (Signalling), Rotation placements at Network Rail
Interview Advice: Be mindful of group working and effective skills to help the group achieve a common goal.
Graduate Engineer, at Network Rail
Interview Advice: Have a basic knowledge of the railway.
Scheme Sponsor, HS2 at Network Rail
Application Advice: Be yourself as you want to work for a company that fits you. Do a lot of research.
Interview Advice: Do lots of research on the company and job role.
Graduate National Supply Chain, Route Services - Contracts and Procurement at Network Rail
Application Advice: Research the company before. Be yourself in the interview - they look for people who are team players and natural, not people who are pushy or who talk over others.
Interview Advice: 'Talk about a time when'... you've worked in a team/met deadlines/led a team/changed your mind/received feedback etc.
Shift Station Manager, Network Operations at Network Rail
Application Advice: Take time with your application and ensure that your answers show your skills as best they can.
Interview Advice: Think of the STAR method when responding to questions - Situation Task Action Result. All of your answers should follow this format. Be calm and be yourself. Dress smartly. Keep eye contact. Don't rush.
Route Support Manager, Network Operations at Network Rail
Application Advice: Be interested in the industry, not just the scheme.
Interview Advice: Be genuinely enthusiastic about the industry.
Project Management Graduate, Track Renewals at Network Rail
Application Advice: Be honest, try and highlight as much previous work experience as possible. Using your experience to express what you have learnt and how you have changed.
Interview Advice: Try and remember the shared themes across the wider industry i.e. railway industry is safety critical.
Project Sponsor, Network Operations at Network Rail
Application Advice: Make sure you understand the true role of Network Rail and how that facilitates the running of the railway. Take some time to identify the key issues the British rail network is facing and what Network Rail is trying to do about it.
Interview Advice: There was a couple of rail specific technical questions that I had little to no idea about, it transpired they don't expect you to know the answer so don't get too hung up on them. They're more interested in how you apply basic engineering fundamentals to try and work to an answer even if it's some way from the answer.
Graduate Engineer, at Network Rail