Post Office Graduate Application and Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at Post Office

Application Advice: Don't feel you need to be too corporate if that's not you. They want to see some personality.
Interview Advice: Customers are really important. The eternal question is how we can make things better for customers whilst reducing our dependency on government funding.
at Post Office
Application Advice: Be honest and yourself during the application process. We just want to see if you are the right fit for the business and more importantly for your development, to see if the business is the right fit for you.
Interview Advice: Come prepared - the business has a unique history and position in society, ensure you have done your research.
Product Manager, Financial Services at Post Office
Application Advice: My main advice to a candidate applying for The Post Office graduate scheme would be to be fully prepared for each stage of the assessment process. It really shows when a candidate knows his/her stuff about the role and the company compared to one which has either done a small bit of research or none. Also, I would suggest that a prospective candidate knows his/her CV and competencies quite thoroughly as these are always a fundamental part of the screening process.
Interview Advice: As standard as it is, my advice would be to be yourself. It becomes much harder to maintain a front and is normally easily noticed by the interviewer as they as are quite experienced and tend to conduct interviews on a very frequent basis.
POMS Financial Analyst, Finance at Post Office
Application Advice: Be authentic and don't be afraid to have an edge! Personality and affability is important at POL.
Interview Advice: Customers, customers, customers!
at Post Office
Application Advice: Research the company and the scheme. Try and get a clear understanding in your own mind about what appeals to you about both the company and the scheme.
Interview Advice: Let your personality come through. Value and express your experiences and opinions even if they feel insignificant or trivial. The culture of the organisation is so important to the business that it is important we can see your real personality and get a sense of what it would be like to work with you. Visit a Post Office; there is little better experience or research than interacting with the Post Office as a customer.
Model Profitability Lead, Savings at Post Office
Application advice: Talk up anything you know about process or continous improvement (LEAN). Using this to save costs and work efficiently is useful. Also research centralising services like finance and HR, because this is the big move most businesses are taking. Finally, talk up what you know about managing performance and how you would ensure performance was as it needs to be.
HR Service Manager, at Post Office