Sainsbury's Graduate Application and Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at Sainsbury's

Application Advice: I would advise them to carry out relevant research and really get an understanding of the retail industry. Demonstrate that they are adaptable to new roles and circumstances.
Interview Advice: Demonstrate that you understand the values and mindset of Sainsbury's.
Graduate, Marketing and group commercial at Sainsbury's
Application Advice: Learn about and love the company. Using Sainsbury's values, think about how you have demonstrated these in your personal and work experiences and how best you could vocalise these.
People Graduate, HR at Sainsbury's
Application Advice: Research and really understand what it is we do. Why do you like the industry? Why do you like Sainsbury's (as opposed to another operator in the industry)? Why do you like the specific graduate scheme? What are the pressures facing the industry at the moment (there are lots!) What could potentially be done about them? What examples do you have to illustrate competencies?
Interview Advice: See above.
Graduate, Group Commercial at Sainsbury's
Application Advice: Take the time to think about what sets you apart from other candidates, drawing from real life examples. Show that you have done your research into the industry and the business. Be clear on why you want to apply for Sainsbury's.
Interview Advice: Answer questions logically (the STAR technique can help), taking the time to think before starting your answer. Make sure you speak slowly and clearly and keep focused on the question you've been asked.
at Sainsbury's
Application Advice: Understand the company - Sainsbury's is distinct from its competitors and you'll need to understand how in order to be successful. Be passionate. Understand retail and people, not just this company.
Operations Development Manager, Online at Sainsbury's
Application Advice: Make sure you have a good understanding of retail and the commercial environment. Do your research on the business and wider context. Practise numerical tests.
Interview Advice: Use STAR format to answer competency based questions. Don't talk to fast. Smile and be friendly. Be natural - don't try and be something you aren't.
Service Design Executive, Marketing at Sainsbury's
Application Advice: Really research the retail industry and trends happening in the market place. Brush up on your numerical, influencing and negotiating skills.
Interview Advice: Research Sainsbury's and our values - these are core to the business and only someone who shows they are aligned to these will be successful at interview. Really focus on customer and colleague these are the two pillars to the Sainsbury's business.
Buyer, Asian Fresh and Halal , Buying at Sainsbury's
Application Advice: Be proactive. The company looks for candidates with real leadership experience. A top academic record and University are expected, and so it is your other experience that will set you apart. A real passion for retail and the ability to clearly articulate why it is you want to work in the indusrty will go a long way.
Interview Advice: Why retail? Why Sainsbury's? Why your chosen scheme? Real leadership examples.
Communications Executive, Marketing at Sainsbury's
Application Advice: Do your research and work here because you like what values we stand for. Everyone working here believes in the values of the business and puts the customers and colleagues at the heart of everything we do. We want to employ people who feel and act the same way.
Interview Advice: We want you to succeed so relax! Really think of something which will make you stand out and be remembered in an interview - and come with an opinion on current retail topics and what you think works well and could be improved as we want to hire people who will help us be a better us.
Talent Manager , Talent & Performance at Sainsbury's
Application Advice: Really research the company and explore how it differs from competitors so you can make sure it is the right fit for you, as well as ensuring you understand the environment of retail a bit better.
Interview Advice: There were lots of competency questions and questions relating to ambitions, motivation for the role and company etc.
People Graduate, People Graduate at Sainsbury's