Sainsbury's Graduate Working Hours

This page tells you the hours that graduates in Sainsbury's work (based on 32 reviews)
Average Start time:8.00am
Average End time:6.00pm
Average Number of Working Hours:10 hrs
Earliest start:6.00am
Latest finish:8.00pm
Average start and end
9am to 6pm
"This can vary at my choosing. I am never required to work later than 5pm, but I have chosen to a number of times. "
Marketing Executive, at Sainsbury's
8am to 6pm
"You don't have particularly social working hours, you are required to be flexible to work at any time during the week (not overnights though) and weekends including Sunday, however, you are usually given 3 weeks notice. "
Retail Graduate Scheme 2011, Retail at Sainsbury's
6am to 2pm
"Other shifts include: 8am-4pm, 10am-7pm, 2pm-10pm any day of the week. I am able to achieve a much greater work life balance in convenience as opposed to supermarkets."
Retail Graduate, Supermarket Graduate Scheme at Sainsbury's
8am to 5pm
"Working hours can vary greatly depending on your placement. 39 hour weeks are a normality, however most of us have commitments to the company on a personal level that require a few more. Examples of this are Youth Councils, social societies and charity fundraising."
Graduate Leadership Trainee 2020, at Sainsbury's
N/A to N/A
"I do not work at a set time. Theses are usually made by a senior team member 3 weeks in advance (they can often be subject to change due to unforseen circumstances). They are the best person to buy lunch/ coffee for. if you want to get out of working a late night Saturday! The delight of retail hours is that more often than not you get a weekday off, where the shops are quiter! When I do have a Saturday off I miss the buzz of working as weekdays are not as trade intense! "
Graduate Trainee , Retail at Sainsbury's