Organisation description:

Graduates provide a crucial role in the development of our business. We need people who with their curiosity, enthusiasm and fresh ideas, will form the future of Severn Trent. We call this FLUID THINKING. 

The water industry is facing huge challenges and we are facing these head on - by 2020 we want to become the most trusted water company in the UK. With yourhelp and fluid thinking we believe that this is possible with future leaders like you. 

Severn Trent PLC supplies our customers with around two billion litres of drinking water every day. That’s no mean feat when you realise that that quantity alone would fill a thousand Olympic sized swimming pools - and we do the same tomorrow too. 

We’re a FTSE 100 company that’s fast paced, employing over five thousand people from the Midlands through to Mid-Wales and the Humber. Our eight million customers rely on us for their water, 24/7 365 days a year – no exceptions or excuses. 

Severn Reasons to join:

There are lots of reasons to join Severn Trent from accelerated learning to hands-on experience and involvement in community projects. Here are seven to start your fluid thinking… 

1. We’re ahead of the game

As a FTSE 100 company we’re leading the market. With you on-board we can become even stronger. 

2. We’re invested in you

We know that your growth and success is linked to ours, so we’ll give you the support you need to become a leader. 

3. Fresh challenges ahead

Our industry is constantly changing so you’ll need to use fresh thinking to find solutions and innovations to match. 

4. Make a difference

We’re community focused and through local fun projects or big charity fundraising with WaterAid, you’ll be giving something back too.

5. Because we care

As a fair and ethical business, we think carefully about our environmental and economic impact. 

6. Credit where it’s due

Our fantastic benefits and rewards scheme are centred around you making you feel valued at work recognising the contribution you make. 

7. You’re our fluid future

Together we can make the most of your creative thinking and ambition to build a more sustainable future. 

About the programmes:

We’re at the forefront of an exciting industry and, through our Graduate Programmes you will be at the forefront of a change in thinking – fluid thinking.

We want you to find a role that matches your skills, interests and ambitions. Each programme has a range of comprehensive training and a closely-knit support

Network ensuring you find out what you’re really capable of. There’s flexibility to explore different roles and you’ll have regular one-to-ones with managers who’ll track your progress through the programme.  The programmes we are currently recruiting graduates for are Business Leadership and Technical Leadership Programmes in Information Systems, Engineering and Finance 

Training and Development:

Whichever programme you choose you’ll get a tailored training and development plan and a personal mentor who’ll guide you in your day-to-day role. Your personal development plan will help you drive and own your career progression. This will be set, agreed and regularly reviewed with your line manager to inform your quarterly performance reviews. We also encourage you to attend any external training courses that are relevant to your role. 

About the Apprenticeship Schemes: 

Do you have an analytical, logical or mathematical kind of What kind of thinker are you?   

Do you have an analytical, logical or mathematical kind of mind?  If you enjoy solving puzzles, science experiments and doing hands-on work, our Utilities Technician roles might suit you best. 

If you’re good at maths, a Higher Apprenticeship - Finance is on offer.  Or do you enjoy maths but prefer to look at the big picture, with an eye for detail and a talent for communication? Then you might find Higher Apprenticeship - Engineering is more your thing. 

If you’re a whizz with coding and computers, with an inventive streak, a role in Digital and Information systems could be the right move for you.

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Employers constantly tell us that there is nothing that impresses them more than a graduate who has properly researched the company and really knows why they want to work there - so make sure that you tell them in your application that you have read-up all about them on TheJobCrowd and so you really know what makes that company great and why they are right for you. It will help your application, we promise!

Employer Facts

Careers available:

Engineering, Management and Business, Accountancy and financial management, Science.

Grad Positions:

Graduate 35; Apprenticeships 60

Employer overall size:



Opportunities available throughout the East & West Midlands, S.Yorks & Wales.


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