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Employer: Siemens
4.0/5 average employee rating (as reviewed by 200 people)
Locations: Nationwide
Grad Positions
Approx 80
Employer overall size
13,760 in the UK
Contact Details Graduate Recruitment Team
[email protected]
01276 690204
Sir William Siemens Square, Frimley, Surrey, GU16 8QD

Siemens Job Reviews

All of the below information comes directly from job reviews written by Siemens employees

Review summary

“I love the amount of support you get and how much they focus on your progression”. This is a common remark in the reviews for working at Siemens, with numerous graduates lauding the company for its excellent levels of support and training. One reviewer explains that “working closely with your line manager and mentor to come up with an ongoing development plan shows that Siemens really has our best interests at heart”. This view is shared by a number of employees, who claim that “career development is actively supported through job opportunities, mentoring and training courses”, explaining the company’s ratings of 4.3/5 for Training and 4.1/5 for Support. Other graduates point to the “myriad of opportunities” available at Siemens, with “so many ways to broaden your skills and experience new things”. One employee shows emphatic appreciation for “the opportunities we have been given so far and the many more we will get over the coming years”. One important aspect of working at Siemens is that “you have a lot of flexibility and they really try to make the graduate programme work for you”. Several reviews explain that “Siemens takes your ideas on board at every stage of the job” and “everyone is happy to help and advise”. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that Siemens scores 4/5 for Company Culture/Work Environment. On top of all this, Siemens’ international reputation provides opportunities to be mobile in your job, with one graduate explaining: “Siemens truly is a global giant, and to say that your career path can lead anywhere in the world is no exaggeration”. [From the Top Companies 2015/16]

Average Ratings

Based on all Siemens employee reviews
Career Progression
Work Life Balance
Environmental awareness
Compensation and benefits
Company Culture
Overall Rating
Average Working Hours:8am - 4pm
Average Salary:£27,000 - £29,000

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