Sky Graduate Application and Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at Sky

Application Advice: - Be completely up to date with Sky's new releases. - Use examples of when you have displayed certain attributes to put your strengths into context. - Show your passion for the brand. - It doesn't matter if you don't have completely relevant experience, show you're eager to learn and mention any relevant transferable skills you have.
Interview Advice: - Examples where you have shown: teamwork, leadership, persuasion, dealt with a difficult person. - What you understand the role to be. - Make sure to ask questions. - Why you want to work for Sky. - Why you have chosen to do a grad scheme rather than an entry level job. - What attracted you to Change as a department.
Change Graduate - Business Analyst, Change Delivery at Sky
Application Advice: Make sure to show you have an interest in the company and the career you have chosen. Show the core behaviours and provide interesting examples of your use of those behaviours.
at Sky
Application Advice: Ensure that you review Sky's key behaviours prior to going into interview. Sky as a company are more about the person as opposed to the degree grading, so ensure that you exhibit the correct behaviours.
Business Analyst, Change Delivery at Sky
Application Advice: Ensure you know why you want to work in strategy and in particular strategy within Sky. Research Sky and be aware of our products, latest initiatives, investments, etc. Also make sure you research Sky's competitors and understand the competitive landscape we operate in. It is also helpful to have a brief look at Sky's financial results which are published online.
Interview Advice: Make sure you prepare and have examples for all the standard competency questions (leadership, communication, teamwork skills, etc.). Again do your research on Sky as a company, our objectives, customers, products and any latest initiatives and challenges. Look at Sky's values as well as these are a key part of Sky's culture and what you will be judged on. Ensure you are yourself as Sky is a very friendly/open company and the people that will be interviewing you are from the strategy department and could be your future colleagues. Finally, come prepared with some questions for the interviewers to show your interest in the strategy team and that you want to learn more about the team you are applying for.
Strategy Analyst, Strategy at Sky
Application Advice: Really look into the company to show that you are interested in the products and services we provide.
Interview Advice: A key question I was asked in my interview was why I was switching from my unrelated degree to a career in technology. Don't be too arrogant as I feel like in the interview they are looking for if you would fit in the relaxed and friendly culture here.
at Sky
Application Advice: Research Sky Behaviours in depth and understand how you have showcased these behaviour. Think about what work environment you can see yourself in and whether Sky fits that picture. Speak to as many Sky graduates as possible to gain insight into what they do and to learn more about roles available.
Interview Advice: Use the STAR approach to answer competency questions. Don't plan what you want to say word for word. Instead have an idea what questions they may ask and make some bullet point lists of key points that showcase how you've demonstrated your skills. Have this template in mind when you are asked questions, it will sound more natural and won't sound like you're reading off a script. Try not to be nervous, see it as a friendly chat and use questions at the end to find out more about what the Interviewer's do. Definitely ask questions to show your engagement.
at Sky
Application Advice: Show your passion for the company and its products throughout the application process. Show that you have done your research on current affairs and also let the company know what you can offer.
Interview Advice: The phone interview and AC are quite relaxed and actually turned out to be enjoyable. Try not to be nervous and practice a few general answers beforehand so that they come out smoothly and without hesitation on the day.
Assistant Financial Analyst, Finance at Sky
Interview Advice: Have clear reasons for why you want to work for Sky over others. Also, be yourself. Sky are looking closely at the person you are as well your job capabilities.
Assistant Financial Analyst, at Sky
Application Advice: Be yourself and show your personality in your application. Try to explain why you have a genuine passion for finance and Sky Products and outline the impact you feel you could make at Sky.
Interview Advice: Think of examples of when you have displayed the skillset we look for at Sky. Learn the 6 key behaviours and prepare answers of when you have shown these in action. It doesn't matter if these are from Uni, School, Part time jobs or otherwise - you aren't expected to have a massive bank of experience yet.
Assistant Financial Analyst, International OTT at Sky
Application Advice: Always be truthful and read up on the company before applying. Don't make your application generic, make it stand out.
Assistant Financial Analyst, at Sky