Sky Graduate Application and Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at Sky

Application Advice: Research the company and role you are going into.
Assistant Financial Analyst, at Sky
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Application Advice: Sky has 6 core values: Clear direction Change & improvement Feedback & development Collaboration & teamwork Empowerment Do the right thing Sky recruiters are big on these so focus on them and on giving examples on showing them. These do not have to be from experiences within the industry i.e. university studies, extra cirricular, unrelated working experiences are all good.
Interview Advice: Smile and relax. Take your time with your answers and ensure examples you are giving fit the question. Do not ask questions for the sake of thinking you need to ask a question. The interviews are usually as relaxed as an interview can be.
Technology Graduate, Multiple at Sky
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Application Advice: Be flexible with your skills and speak up. Communication is key
Interview Advice: Show that you are an open person and can collaborate with others
Dev Op, CIS at Sky
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Application Advice: Be confident and be yourself
Interview Advice: Be honest and show enthusiasm.
Associate DevOps Engineer, at Sky
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Application Advice: Remember that Software Engineering is so much about teamwork and communication. You need to have an aptitude for software development, but don't neglect those "soft" skills as they will be crucial!
Interview Advice: Enjoy it! It's a good fun assessment day. Make sure you take the opportunity to demonstrate your key skills both technically and also in terms of communicating and collaborating with team mates.
Associate Software Developer, Online Shop at Sky
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Application Advice: Be clear and concise. Show your passion for Technology and why you want to work for Sky and your credentials will really shine through. Sky are more interested in you as a person as opposed to what you've done in the past, so be yourself and really try to show who you are at heart.
Interview Advice: Try to get the conversation flowing; showing your passion and interest in the discussion topic can create a good vibe with your interviewer and you'll soon find that you're in the flow of the interview and it just flies by without you having to think twice. Just consider that the person interviewing you was once upon a time in your shoes, so they know exactly how you feel. At the end of the day, they are human, so just try to be as natural as possible and don't let the occasion overwhelm you.
Technology Graduate, Technology at Sky
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Application Advice: Consider what Sky as a brand stands for and express why this is important to you. Research the company, look at business opportunities, developments. look into the what the company does outside of business.
Interview Advice: Look into the key challenges facing Sky
Finance graduate, Broadband and telephony at Sky
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Application Advice: Do your research on the company - it's not all about Sports
Interview Advice: Calm, patient and think before you speak. You don't need to rush a question.
Assistant Financial Analyst, Actuals Reporting Team at Sky
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Application Advice: Make sure you know why you want to work for Sky and why you want to be part of the team, be enthusiastic
Interview Advice: It's all about your desire to do the job and the desire to work at Sky
Business Analyst, Now TV at Sky
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Application Advice: Be yourself, everyone is encouraged to be themselves at Sky.
Interview Advice: Try not to think of the interview as an interview. They want to get to know you, try to be as comfortable as possible.
Associate Software Developer, Sky Go at Sky
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