Sky Graduate Application and Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at Sky

Application Advice: Make sure you research the company before applying, Sky is extremely fast paced so you will need to be looking at what they are doing all the time, especially when it comes to assessment centre and interviews.
Interview Advice: I was asked the typical interview questions, why Sky, why you would make a good asset to the team and so on. My main advice is to make sure you be yourself and think about the answers before you answer.
Project Manager, SNS PMO at Sky
Application Advice: Makes sure you research Sky...It's more complicated than the Premier League and Game of Thrones.
Interview Advice: Be yourself...most people at Sky are very nice.
at Sky
Application Advice: - Research the company. Understand what the company is promoting heavily today and what it has in the pipeline for delivery. Good sources for this information are the company's corporate website and media/tech websites that specialise in the TV and telecoms industry (e.g. Enders Analysis) - Research the department you're applying to be part of. Though this information may be less accessible, think about the skills and traits required to succeed in a role like that. Then link it to the experience you have already acquired through education and previous employment.
Interview Advice: - Once you have submitted your application, the next stage of the process is a telephone interview. Subsequent to that, you will be invited to a half-day assessment centre (which typically includes another interview, a group exercise and a case study activity). - Research the company's behaviours. The interview questions (in both telephone interview and assessment centre) will generally be competency-focused and ask you to talk about instances in which you have demonstrated these behaviours. - The case study will typically be drawn from an actual project of the last few years. They're not necessarily expecting you to know how to respond to the scenario as a project manager or business analyst would, but they're interested to see how you respond to new information, how curious you are, and how you go about tackling a new challenge. Be positive, inquisitive and you probably won't go too far wrong.
Change Graduate, Change Delivery at Sky
Application Advice: Be knowledgeable about the company, Sky is a diverse company, awareness of all its different areas will be essential.
Assistant Financial Analyst, Sky Media at Sky
Application Advice: There will be an unattended coding test, make it sure it is easy to setup. Assessment centres for software engineering are usually very fun, with you working together to build a piece of software.
Associate Software Developer, Software Development at Sky
Application Advice: Be yourself. Sky are looking for people that fit in with the company ethos and working environment, and that requires more than just being top of the class at accounting. You need to be personable too!
Assistant Financial Analyst, Group Finance at Sky
Application Advice: Really research the company and the department you want to go into. Find specific information that you found particularly interesting and want to share.
Interview Advice: Show your personality and what makes you, you. They want to get to know you.
HR Graduate , at Sky
Application Advice: Demonstrate interest in new and upcoming technologies.
Technology Graduate, at Sky
Application Advice: Just be yourself. Sky select candidates with a diverse range of backgrounds, from traditional finance subjects to Sciences, History or Geology, so don't be put off from applying because you think you don't "fit".
Interview Advice: Be yourself but also be prepared. Even if you are asked a question that you might not necessarily have experienced, instead of saying nothing, you could say.. well, I don't have experience of it however had I been in the situation this is what I would do..
Assistant Financial Analyst, Commercial Finance at Sky
Application Advice: Show your company research throughout your application and make sure you are constantly relating answers back to the Sky Behaviours. Work through the questions in a logical, structured manner.
Interview Advice: It really pays to be yourself and show personality. Sky don't hire corporate robots and everyone is very friendly so don't be afraid to be yourself! A huge part of Sky's ethos is communication and teamwork so good interaction is key. Make sure you also research Sky inside out and are prepared to answer why you want to work in the sector you have chosen.
Marketing Graduate, Marketing at Sky