Sky Graduate Working Hours

This page tells you the hours that graduates in Sky work (based on 67 reviews)
Average Start time:9.00am
Average End time:5.00pm
Average Number of Working Hours:8 hrs
Earliest start:8.00am
Latest finish:7.00pm
Average start and end
09:00 to 17:30
"You are busier when delivering something, for example, a software release, and can work longer hours building up to a release. However, this is rare, and if you need to work long hours (11-12 hour days) for an extended period of time, overtime is usually paid."
at Sky
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09:00 to 17:30
"Many people put in far longer hours when required to get a project over the line."
Data Analyst, Sky IQ at Sky
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09:30 to 17:30
"Quite flexible and work from home are also considered when needed."
Android Developer, Sky Store at Sky
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09:15 to 17:15
"Different teams work different hours and there may be some times I need to come in early or stay late."
Technology Graduate, Technology at Sky
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09:00 to 17:00
"Working hours are generally flexible "
Associate Software Developer, Software Engineering at Sky
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