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Assistant Consultant, Transport Consultancy, Advisory/Planning/Region (UK) at Steer Davies Gleave
at Steer Davies Gleave

How would you describe your job in 2-3 lines?
My job is to work on a variety of projects for both public and private sector clients building transport models, carrying out transport economic appraisals and managing data collection programmes.
What do you actually do on a day-to-day basis?
There is no typical day. I often work in the office carrying out analysis using Excel or bespoke modelling software packages. I contact sub-contractors we are working with to arrange data collection programmes. I write and review reports to be sent to the client explaining what we have done. I also spend some days at a project site having a look at the transport available and meeting the client.
What are the main positives and negatives to your job?
- Flexible - we really can work on the projects we want to, never forced into anything.
- Opportunities - we work on projects for a wide range of clients all over the world.
- Flexible working hours
- Excellent training

- Lots of responsibility - you have to manage your own career and often find your own opportunities. This doesn't suit some people.
What qualifications and skills are needed to be great at this job?
- A good degree preferably in a numerate or transport related subject
- analytical skills
- interpersonal skills
- IT skills
- report writing skills
- Confidence and excellent communication skills
What advice would you give to candidates applying for a similar role at this company
I would advise people to research the transport sector and what the company does. It is important to have a clear understanding of the industry and role you are going in to and see where you can fit into that role. In the interview, you must appear confident and enthusiastic. Some work experience (preferably in another consulting role) is essential. Most people on the graduate programme have already worked in a number of companies.
What hours do you actually work, on average? 9amto 6pm.
With the benefit of hindsight, would you choose to do this job again?
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Unlike other companies, Steer Davies Gleave really do consider your work/life balance. Careers are opportunity driven but no opportunity is out of reach even to graduates. The graduate programme is taken very seriously and senior staff are keen to help proactive graduates further their careers. In my previous graduate job, I was pigeon-holed into a certain sector of a division which I did not want to work in. I know that would never happen at SDG.
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Job Title:
Assistant Consultant
Transport Consultancy, Advisory/Planning/Region (UK)
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Date of Review: 19th Aug 2011
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