Strutt & Parker Graduate Application and Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at Strutt & Parker

Application Advice: Carry out lots of work experience within S&P offices.
Interview Advice: Be confident and clear about ambitions.
HR Assistant, HR at Strutt & Parker
Application Advice: Be eager to learn, as there is a lot to take in and knowledge of the system will only come with time.
Interview Advice: Be confident.
HR Systems Administrator, Systems at Strutt & Parker
Application Advice: Be yourself as what you think employers want to see is often very different to what employers actually want to see.
Interview Advice: Be honest.
Graduate, National Markets at Strutt & Parker
Application Advice: Apply early.
Planning and Development at Strutt & Parker
Application Advice: Experience - try and get experience - or if not make the most of what you have done on previous courses etc.
Interview Advice: Make the most of all the experience you have gained from various projects, work placements. How previous experience can help in the job you are applying for e.g. customer service etc. State what you believe you can bring to the team you may be potentially working for.
Graduate Planning Consultant , Planning Consultant at Strutt & Parker
Application Advice: Be yourself.
Interview Advice: Do not worry to much about property knowledge the emphasis is on the individual.
Graduate Surveyor, Ivestment / Agency at Strutt & Parker
Application Advice: Consider all your options and make sure it is right for you.
Interview Advice: Be yourself.
Building Surveyor, Surveying, Design and Management at Strutt & Parker
Application Advice: Get to know and understand both the firm and the job role. Throughout your application you need to demonstrate that you are the right person for both.
Interview Advice: Answer the question and provide examples. It is much easier for the interviewer to relate to you if they find things in common and it becomes a much more substantial answer.
Graduate Surveyor, Development & Planning at Strutt & Parker
Application Advice: Do as much work experience for Land Agent's and Agriculture as possible. Ensure that you are passionate about the profession and have an idea of whether you would prefer estate management or 'professional' work.
Interview Advice: My interview was principally aimed at establishing whether my personality would fit in with the team, and whether I was organised and a fast learner. There were not many specific knowledge based questions.
Graduate Surveyor, Land Management Department at Strutt & Parker
Application Advice: Think about the company values and how your experiences can demonstrate a similar mind set or capability.
Interview Advice: Think about what you expect from the company in terms of day-to-day support, progression, work opportunities etc. and also simple things that you need to know in terms of working hours, location, team or salary. On the other hand, thoroughly know the content of your covering letter/CV/application form. It may seem like an obvious point, but if it is on there they can ask you about it!
Graduate Surveyor, Land Management at Strutt & Parker