Unilever Graduate Application and Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at Unilever

Application Advice: Focus on your achievements.
Interview Advice: Be yourself. If you do not feel comfortable it is because it is not the right company for you.
UFLP Finance Management, at Unilever
Application Advice: Weave the standards of leadership into every answer you give. Make sure you highlight what your motivations are for your role, function, industry and particularly why Unilever. What is it about Unilever that attracts you? Be yourself!
Interview Advice: Be yourself and relax. In group exercises bring out everyone's natural talents don't just shout over the top of everyone to get yourself heard. This could reflect badly on you. Have some really good examples for why you want to work for Unilever and be prepared to show your passion.
Assistant Brand Manager, at Unilever
Application Advice: Really know the Unilever company and show why the USLP means something to you.
Interview Advice: Be yourself. You'll realise on interview if it's a company for you or not.
HR at Unilever
Application Advice: Use examples from all aspects of your life (not just focused on University). Research the company values. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do - so you need a clear understanding on what the companies ambitious goals are!
Interview Advice: Keep up your energy! Ensure that you are enthusiastic throughout the whole assessment centre. If one section of the assessment centre doesn't go as well as you'd hoped (e.g. the case study) then forget about it and go into the next section (e.g. group activity) with a fresh mind!
Business and Management Trainee, Technology at Unilever
Application Advice: Review the Standards of Leadership and the USLP.
Interview Advice: Prepare scenarios from different areas (work, study etc.) for competency-based questions.
IT Management Trainee, BTM at Unilever
Application Advice: Make sure you properly research the company and learn quite how large Unilever is as well as being able to say clearly and concisely why you want to work for Unilever.
Interview Advice: Ensure that you are clear on Unilever's SOLs (explained on the website).
Visioning and Prototyping Centre Project Leader, Digital R&D and Product Design at Unilever
Application Advice: Know the Unilever Standards of Leadership. Know what's going on in the company.
Interview Advice: I was asked a lot of questions that gave me opportunities to show how my experiences had developed my skills in line with Unilever's Standards of Leadership.
Technical Project Leader, Global Deodorants R&D at Unilever
Application Advice: Be very focused towards the competencies and think of lots of examples.
Assistant brand manager, at Unilever
Application Advice: Learn about the company's standards of leadership and values, especially around USLP.
Interview Advice: Ensure your answers to competency questions are well-structured, and respond to the standards of leadership.
Assistant Brand Manager, Marketing at Unilever
Application Advice: If you can understand what a brand is, not just in its physical form, but what the ambition of the brand name is, and what it stands for, you will begin to understand and have an insight into what Unilever is trying to do. If you can have an understanding of the brand and company ethos, you can help to expand on why that would be a good fit for you. You need to be able to share not just passion for the company and why you would want to work for Unilever, but also why you perceive yourself to be a leader of the future.
Interview Advice: The Unilever standards of leadership will be the main areas for all competency based questions, therefore ensure you have a range of examples to demonstrate competencies in these areas.
Unilever Future Leader, at Unilever