Unilever Graduate Interview Questions and Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at Unilever

"Think about how your examples fit into the standards of leadership."
Manufacturing Manager, Manufacturing at Unilever
"Able to put up new ideas as well as be a team player."
at Unilever
"Be open and honest. Have a range of answers ready for compentency based questions. "
Management Trainee, R&D at Unilever
"Look up the latest reports on Unilever. You should know the company you want to work in. Be prepared to admit your own weaknesses. But remember you can turn these into great stories on how self-aware you are and can turn it into a positive"
BTM UFLP Trainee, CTO at Unilever
"-Be yourself -Don't be afraid to ask the interviewer questions, it's a two-way conversation "
Regional Assistant Brand Manager, Marketing at Unilever
"Always wait for interviewer to finish before speaking. It is important to take note of the interviewer's name, so you could thank him/her personally after the interview. Think before answering any questions."
Assistant Brand Manager, Brand Building at Unilever
"Pick out key examples that demonstrate our standards of leadership. Interview questions are usually competency based, so it is important you show the interviewer the impact YOU made in your examples. Understand and give across your passion for the company and its mission."
HR Business Partner, at Unilever
"- Talk about the USLP and its impact on you. - Remember than you are always being judged on competencies and key leadership characteristics."
Assistant Packaging Manager, Packaging at Unilever
"Situation Task Action Response Use this to structure your answers to, 'Give an example of'-type questions."
UFLP Graduate, Supply Chain at Unilever
"How do you display the Standards of Leadership?"
Supply Chain Management Trainee, at Unilever