Unilever Graduate Application and Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at Unilever

Application Advice: Know the USLP
Human Resources at Unilever
Application Advice: Do high level research, particularly around the USLP. Take a look at the standards of leadership and think about how you have demonstrated them.
Interview Advice: As above - think about competency based questions.
Human Resources at Unilever
Application Advice: - Be prepared - Make sure you have the right motivation as to why you want to work for Unilever - Have clear (STAR) examples of the required standards of leadership
Interview Advice: Be yourself, you will be chosen if you fit in
UFLP Supply Chain, UK & Ireland at Unilever
Application Advice: Go for it! The array of development options on offer and range of projects are some of the best I've worked on. Focus on why you want the role and what you can bring to Unilever and its sense of purpose and values. Think about why these suit you and what you can add to them. Think about examples for the standards of leadership.
HR UFLP, Human Resources at Unilever
Application Advice: Look into the function you are applying for and learn about it. Don't make assumptions as to what you will be doing, find out for sure! If you are successful in your application, you need to be sure that is what you want to be doing.
Interview Advice: Relax, the interview process is designed to not be intimidating, and if you are stressed/ nervous, this will come across.
Supply chain innovation analyst, Supply chain at Unilever
Application Advice: Do your research into FMCG and FMCG marketing. What are good brands and why?
Assistant Brand Manager, Regional Brand Development at Unilever
Application Advice: Make sure you know about our brands, about our sustainable living programme and have a clear understanding about what role will entail (see graduate blogs on careers website)
Interview Advice: Think STAR (situation, task, approach, result) in order to structure answers to questions and make sure you know about Unilever's "standards of leadership" which are the key competencies you will be required to demonstrate.
Graduate Trainee, at Unilever
Application Advice: Be relaxed, confident, truthful
UFLP (Financial Management), Finance at Unilever
Application Advice: Don't be put off by not having a related course / experience - potential is more important Be willing to work hard to access the great benefits that are available Be flexible - moving locations can be a pain but it's often how you get the best experience Know why you want to work for Unilever and understand (as much as possible the business)
Interview Advice: Look up Unilever Standards of Leadership - these are key to success Access Unilever Graduates Blog page for more in-depth tips Have varied examples wherever possible
HR Business Partner, at Unilever
Application Advice: Tailor your application to the Unilever standards of leadership.
Account Manager, at Unilever