Top Tips For Starting University to Graduation

Top tips for starting university

  • Think of university like work experience for your new career. Be organised and build a network. 
  • Join Clubs and Societies, but don't over-do it, and keep a lifestyle balance.
  • Don't leave your problems until they're critical. Use the social services such as councillors and tutors.
  • Don't clutter your Uni life. Pack the essentials only.
  • Research your University before you get there, familiarise yourself with the campus layout and the area so you're not so overwhelmed when you get there.

Top tips for graduating university

  • Dress appropriately. Break in your shoes and wear light clothes. Those gowns can be heavy!
  • Gowns don't have pockets! Wear something small under your gown for necessities like your phone.
  • Wear your cap. A 'classic' look sits straight on top but you can balance it on the back to retain your hairstyle. 
  • Don't rush! Take your time, this is a momentous occasion. You don't want to trip or fall and don't forget to give a nod to the person giving the award. 
  • Be yourself. These are the last moments of graduation, nothing else matters but these moments so you should enjoy them!