• Name Helen Howarth
• Degree studied – BEng Mechanical Engineering BEng
• University attended- Manchester
• Job title – Production Coordinator
• Location – Brackley
• Length of time with the company – 1 year


• Graduate opportunities: various
• Contact details/email: careers@avarafoods.co.uk
• Locations: various across England/Wales
• Application N/A ongoing

To view Avara Foods’ website, please visit – http://www.avarafoods.co.uk


Why did you choose your company?

From the very beginning, I was really intrigued by Avara Foods. It’s a company that offers lots of opportunities, avenues for development, and really invests in its people. I was drawn in by the fact the graduate programme would allow me to work across a variety of departments.

What do you do on a day-to-day basis?

As Production Coordinator, I plan what the factory packs and when the factory packs it. It’s all about matching customer demand and finding practical solutions.

Which skills/experience are key for your role?

The most important thing in my current role is effective communication. In Production, you’ve got to adapt to changes that happen throughout the day, so organisation and logical thinking are also key.

What are the best things about your job?

Playing a pivotal role in supply means you get exposure to Production more widely. You get to learn how everything interconnects, and are in constant communication with the Planning department. There’s also an element of responsibility; it’s definitely a real job from day one.

How does the graduate programme/scheme work?

The graduate programme is made up of three placements over three years, and you can essentially mould it around your own interests and aspirations. Graduates can either work across various departments or specialise in one area. I’ll be moving into an engineering-based role next.

What sets your company apart from their competitors as a top graduate employer?

The flexibility to explore different parts of the business. Graduates are encouraged to make valuable contributions from their very first placement meaning there’s a focus on on-the-job development. If you need any guidance, there are always lots of people willing to help and support.

What’s next for you after the programme finishes?

Ideally I’d like to be considered for a Production Manager position should one be available.

What advice would you give someone applying for a role with your company?

Research not only the company, but the industry as a whole. After that, it’s about being calm, confident and willing to learn.