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Arts & Media

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Industry: Arts & Media, Marketing Executive Department: Training team Job Title: Marketing Executive

Industry: Journalism Department: Job Title: Graduate Reporter

Industry: Journalism Department: Editorial Job Title: Reporter

Industry: Publishing (Print) Department: Editorial Job Title: Editorial Assistant

Industry: Journalism Department: Investment Week Job Title: Asset Management Correspondent

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Salary: £260 per week
Employer: MWWPR
Deadline Date: 30/06/2019

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Incisive Media

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Application Advice:

You need to be able to focus on different things at the same time as there are always different things going on - replying to an email, updating a website, amending a brochure, etc.

You also need to be a good team player as it is real team work.

Interview Advice:

I have the feeling I was 'assessed' 50% on my personality and 50% on my skills. So be friendly, smile as I mentioned above, people are really nice so there is no need to be stressed.

Prepare well and read about the company and what it does.

Marketing Executive, Training team at Incisive Media
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Application Advice:

Don't be intimidated by the challenging essay/article you have to write in the application process. Do your research, take an interest in the subject and take all that you've learned into the assessment day stage.

Interview Advice:

Show enthusiasm and don't be afraid to be chatty and informal. The ability to demonstrate that you can stay relaxed under pressure is a key personality trait that's as vital to being a journalist as writing well.

Graduate Reporter, at Incisive Media
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Application Advice:

Be yourself; don't try and pretend to know everything about the market you want to write for. (Unless you do!) Stand apart from everyone else. Most people applying for the role I did, had all written for their uni paper or had completed work experience at a national. Find something that makes you different and run with it. Incisive like people who can put a different spin on an ordinary story.

Interview Advice:

Don't be afraid to ask questions - interview them as much as they do you. But also make sure you have done some brand research.

Understand the brand and what they stand for. I would also look at what is happening currently in the news and see if there is anything your brand would be covering. Chances are you'll be asked about it.

Reporter, Editorial at Incisive Media
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Interview Advice:

Makes sure you do a bit of research about the content and what they have published in the past.

Editorial Assistant, Editorial at Incisive Media
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Application Advice:

Be honest - there's no point in applying for a role in financial journalism if you're not interested in finance.

Interview Advice:

Don't overthink, be honest, relax. It will look worse if you're trying to act like you know more than you actually do. They will understand if you don't know what the FTSE is at this point - that's why it's a grad scheme. You will learn all this on the job.

Asset Management Correspondent, Investment Week at Incisive Media
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