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Industry: Banking and Finance, Retail Banking Department: Partner Management

Industry: Banking and Finance, Financial Services Operations Department: Business Development Job Title: Partnership Manager

Industry: Retail, Retail (Operations) Department: Operations Job Title: Strategy & Analysis Intern

Industry: Support Services (Including Recruitment), Human Resources (Talent Management & Development) Department: HR BP Team Job Title: HR Intern

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Application Advice:

Sounds cliche but be yourself and show interest in e-commerce and payment landscape.

Interview Advice:

Standard questions about your experiences, why you would be a good fit, your motivations for applying etc. A cheeky question I got as well was 'if you were a biscuit what sort would you be?'

, Partner Management at PayPal
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Application Advice:

Decent knowledge level of PayPal's technology. What does the company stand for and what's its vision?

Interview Advice:

Be confident to sell yourself at the highest price; try to think about personal facts you can tell your future employer.

Partnership Manager, Business Development at PayPal
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Application Advice:

Try to find people from your school/university that work at PayPal in order to ask them to explain you the details of the different services and positions. This way, you will be able to apply to the most suitable position for you.

Interview Advice:

Just be yourself and show your interest for the sector and the product.

Strategy & Analysis Intern, Operations at PayPal
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Application Advice:

Be inquisitive. Have an entrepreneurial mindset and be ready to get going very fast.

Interview Advice:

Know the company. Be ready for competency-based questions & have specific examples in mind.

HR Intern, HR BP Team at PayPal
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