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Industry: IT Support & Telecoms, IT Design & User Interface Department: eCommerce Job Title: eCommerce Content Manager

Industry: Retail, Retail (Sales) Department: Ecommerce

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Science in Sport

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Interview Advice:

Read up on the company, it's history and the things it feels passionate about. Don't come to an interview expecting to be hired because you've heard of Science in Sport.

eCommerce Content Manager, eCommerce at Science in Sport
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Application Advice:

If your interested in sport and the role you're applying to, then you stand a good chance. It's a company where fast learners and those who are proactive will do well.

Interview Advice:

Make sure you understand all the key requirements for the role you're applying to, be honest and don't try and blag anything. Your interviewer will know exactly when you are. The team at SiS are all very friendly, be yourself and share your interest for sport.

Ecommerce at Science in Sport
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