You’ll experience life at an international law firm first-hand, meet out people and clients, and gain an insight into our work and culture. One of our current trainees will help you settle in and is on hand to answer any queries you may have. You’ll have a dedicated supervisor who will ensure you receive quality work, support and constructive feedback.

We are recruiting for our 2021 training contracts via our vacation scheme only, for both locations. The vacation schemes take place in London and Birmingham, lasting one week in the spring or two weeks in the summer. The dates for 2019 are:


Birmingham: 1/04/2019 – 5/04/2019

London: 8/04/2019 – 12/04/2019


London: 17/06/2019 – 28/06/2019

Birmingham: 24/06/2019 – 5/07/2019

Qualifications Required

You can apply if:

  • You study law and are in your penultimate or final year at university
  • You are in your final year of studying another degree subject
  • You’re a graduate

Application Process

1. The application form

On this form you tell us about yourself, your experience so far and what you know about us. Before you tackle this form, have a look at the tips below.

2. Online behaviour-based assessment

If you pass the application form screen we ask you to complete an online game behaviour-based assessment. We are using this assessment because it provides a fair and objective way to help us understand your natural strengths and preferences. Best of all, you get an indepth feedback report once you’ve completed the assessment.

3. Video interview

If you pass the online assessment, then we invite you for a video interview. This can be conducted at a time convenient for you, but within the set deadline. You’re asked a series of pre-recorded questions which test how you would deal with scenarios you might face as a trainee. Don’t be daunted – you get reading and thinking time to prepare your answer.

4. Immersive assessment day

This is the final stage. It’s a two-way process, allowing you and us to discover whether we’re right for each other through our immersive day in the life of, assessment day. For our part, we assess you through different exercises, which are designed to help you show that you’ve got what it takes to be a brilliant commercial lawyer.

  • Trainee Solicitor
  • Various UK Locations
  • London