What do Capacitas Junior Consultants do?

As part of our delivery team of consultants, you will be quickly taking part in customer engagements, most often in a customer-facing role. Our curious and inquisitive consultants work collaboratively with our impressive portfolio of large and well-recognised clients, understanding their challenges and driving exciting solutions to help them to recognise more value from their technology.

This could include projects such as:

  • Helping eCommerce clients to achieve their trading peaks
  • Significantly optimising the cost of technology platforms
  • Driving outperformance risks for SaaS providers, to allow them to outperform their competitors
    • Interact with our sale processes to identify the optimum solution for new engagements

To achieve these outcomes for our clients, our consultants would typically get involved in the following activities:

  • Risk assessment of IT systems, in relation to their cost, performance or scalability and developing targeted recommendations
  • Strategic planning and execution to achieve cost, performance or scalability objectives
  • Building relationships with and influencing client stakeholders
  • Managing projects and programmes

In addition, we encourage all consultants to contribute across the organisation including:

  • Researching and promoting technical insights
  • Developing our service portfolio
  • Improving and governing internal processes and tools
  • Growing and maturing our client portfolio

What’s in it for you?

In addition to our benefits package, you can expect:

  • A pro-active approach to achieving a sustainable work-life balance. We take action to make sure that you are performing at your best
  • Promotion, training and development opportunities based on you and your performance; you will have a career coach working with you to help your reach your personal goals
  • Open door policy with management; we break down barriers for our clients and we do the same for our staff
  • A collaborative, inclusive and energising culture; we put a strong emphasis on bringing all of our staff together to share, work and play!


  • We encourage our staff to work from wherever they feel comfortable, based on their individual task lists. Our HQ and the majority of our clients are based in London and surrounding areas, however, so it is expected that travel to meet and build internal and external relationships would be required.

Qualifications Required

One of our core values is recognising that everyone is an individual and makes their own contribution, however, we appreciate that it’s helpful to know what skills and behaviours you will most likely use as part of your work:

  • An interest in technology and passion for helping clients to exceed the expectations of their technology investment
  • Providing consultancy and advice to clients through building trusted and influential relationships
  • Problem-solving, initiative and the ability to own a problem and “follow the data”
  • Strong communication skills across all media
  • Collaboration and the ability to work with, learn from and share knowledge with others

Application Process

Please apply via https://hs.capacitas.co.uk/junior-consultant

There will be three interviews:

  1. Introductory interview to discover more about you and for you to know what we do (30mins)
  2. Technical interview (90mins)
  3. Values and behaviours interview (90mins)
  • Consulting
  • England - London
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  • client sites