Think of water and you probably think of us. We’re one of the largest regulated water companies across England and Wales. Severn Trent runs through the heart of the UK, providing essential services from the Bristol Channel to the Humber, and from Shropshire to the East Midlands. In Wales, our customers are looked after by Hafren Dyfrdwy, our new company is the teaming up of Dee Valley Water and Severn Trent and will bring wonderful water to mid and north-east Wales. The partnership combines an existing warm community approach, with the perks of being part of a wider public company.

Together we are part of Severn Trent PLC where our passion is making sure wonderful water reaches our customers and taking their waste away safely, so that they can put the kettle on or jump in the shower without thinking.

Our lives revolve around water: we need it to survive but we also cook with it, clean with it, and have fun with it! Not a day goes by where we don’t come across water. By being aware of its importance and caring for it, we can make sure there’s always enough to drink, fill a saucepan and splash about in for everyone. To fully appreciate water, you need to understand where it comes from and how it makes the journey to and from our homes.

It’s a challenge providing customers with the world’s most precious resource every day, but we’re dedicated to making sure our networks mean everyone in our regions has this amazing product on tap. We welcome the great responsibility that
comes with handling such a precious resource and so do everything in our power to make sure our wonderful water is the best it can be and that the communities we serve are aware of this.


Severn Trent PLC is a wonderful place to work, we have;

New and exciting challenges
We’re taking an innovative approach to water and waste services. From strengthening our customer engagement, to bolstering the way we manage our water and wastewater production and quality. We’re making sure we stay ahead of the game as our market evolves.

Recognition for brilliance
It’s important to feel valued at work and at Severn Trent we make sure that our people are recognised for the work they do. That’s why we have a fantastic benefits and rewards scheme that recognises your contribution to our business – and we’re no strangers to thanking people who make exceptional contributions.

Making a difference
We’re dedicated to helping our local communities – and there are plenty of opportunities for our people to get involved, from designing gardens for schools to fundraising for a charity with your colleagues.

Because we care
We’re a fair and ethical business within a regulated industry, so we think about the economic and environmental impact of every decision we make. Whether we’re helping to conserve wildlife or finding new ways to save water, we’re committed to creating a sustainable world.

The future
Our people are the future experts of our business and help challenge the status quo; allowing us to build a brighter future for the communities we serve.


We offer;

Graduates (£27,000) / Undergraduates (£16,900)
Our graduate and undergraduate programmes are designed with your career journey in mind. They are designed to help you develop and be the best you can be. We want you to use your thirst for knowledge, dedication and intellectual excellence to become a future leader at Severn Trent. Some of the things we love to see in our graduate recruits
• A focus on customer satisfaction
• Confidence to share new ideas
• Strategic decision making
• The ability to build strong business relationships

Apprenticeships (£16,060)
Our apprenticeships are an opportunity to learn and work, whatever age or level you’re at. You don’t have to be fresh out of school to do an apprenticeship at Severn Trent and our existing apprentices can attest to this. We like our apprentices to:
• Be able to think creatively
• Have a can-do attitude to problem solving
• Want to learn while you earn
• Be motivated to kickstart your career journey

Entry Requirements
Life doesn’t always go to plan. If you didn’t get the grades you wanted, there’s still a place for you here if you let your potential shine through. Whatever scheme you’re interested in, our entry requirements are bespoke to each role. We aim to be as flexible as we can in the routes you could join, as well as offering many different starting levels. We have also removed degree classification from our selection criteria for graduate/undergraduate programmes. What’s essential is that individuals come to us with drive, the ability to learn, adapt and approach problems from different angles. If you tick those boxes, you should have a look into the programmes on offer and apply!

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