We’re using technology to comprehensively transform our business, from simplifying our networks to creating new customer interfaces.

In Information Systems (IS), we deliver new projects, maintain our existing services and manage a large and diverse infrastructure. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to experience every side of our operations and learn vastly different skills, from coding to people
management. This is a chance to become a fluid thinker and a true technological all-rounder.

Programme overview:
Salary: £26,500
Location: Coventry
Duration: Twenty-seven months
We work with the worlds’ most precious resource. That’s a big responsibility – with over eight million customers, people rely on us to deliver a safe, sustainable service, 24/7. In IS, you’ll use your technical skills and knowledge to ensure we can meet those demands. At the same time, you’ll:
Develop a complete understanding of a FTSE 100 business’s IS function
Combine technical and non-technical experience
Receive formal qualifications from certified, industry-standard bodies
Work client-side with some of the world’s biggest technology suppliers
Be encouraged to explore a wide range of roles
We want to become market leaders. That means driving change, thinking fluid and taking on new ideas. That’s our vision – how we achieve it is up to you.

What you’ll be doing
Deliver an ambitious strategy
Over three, nine-month placements, you’ll get to get to know our IS team, plans and projects, inside out. We’re focusing on five key areas as part of our strategy for 2020:
Embedding customers at the heart of everything we do
Driving operational excellence and continual innovation
Investing responsibly for sustainable growth
Changing the market for the better
Creating an awesome place to work
These are our objectives and we’re pursuing them in a range of different ways. This is where we’re headed – getting there will take people like you, with the talent, ideas and insight to make lasting change happen, and change millions of lives in the process.

Work on industry-leading projects:
Here are some examples of the projects we’ve delivered recently. These will give you a flavour of the kinds of things you can expect to do, during your time with IS:
Introducing live webchat, as well as our ‘In My Street’, ‘In My Area’ and ‘Track My Job’ apps so customers can get information quickly and easily, without having to call us.
Helping our colleagues to protect the environment by rolling out a new Pollution Incident Reporting application, data from which will allow us to conduct more effective analysis and prevent similar issues occurring in the future.
‘Virtualising’ our systems, making it easier to move them between servers and use our IT infrastructure assets more effectively.
Implementing market interaction systems in preparation for increased competition in the Non-Household market, which allow us to exchange information with other market participants.
Setting up a Genius Bar, so that members of the Technology team can visit sites to give assistance and coaching to others around the business.

Where we’ll take you
Whilst you’re on the programme, you’ll receive IS-related training – as well as our more general, business-wide training scheme – and have the chance to gain formal qualifications in relevant subjects. This will give you the foundation of knowledge you need to step into a permanent role with Severn Trent.
As you progress, we’ll encourage you to explore our business and try out a range of different roles, which could include anything from business analysis to application design. In doing so, you’ll build a professional network which will help you to drive your development in the short-term, whilst giving you the option to move into different areas of the business in the future. You’ll also have exposure to some of our major external suppliers.
If you want to become an expert in everything that makes an IS department in a FTSE 100 business run, we can put you on that path, whilst giving you the support, tools and training you need to complete the journey. If you want to develop technical abilities but also learn how to manage people, rebuild servers but also promote change, we can make it happen.

What we’re looking for
A Computing or Business-related degree, with any grade qualification
Confidence to share new ideas, with an ambition to become a technical expert
Strong customer focus with the ability to build effective business relationships
Sharp commercial thinking and ability to use judgement
Flexibility to travel between sites

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