FactSet is a global company that maintains a large presence world wide. Graduates will be part of the bigger picture. The London office has employees in Sales, Consulting, Software Engineering, Systems Engineering, Product Development, Human Resources, Learning and Development, Content, Marketing and Finance.

Voted by the graduates we surveyed as the Top Company for Graduates to Work For in Banking and Finance (larger intake), FactSet are a global business specialising in financial data. With an overall rating of 41/5, FactSet score particularly high for Colleagues (4.5/5), Company Culture (4.4/5) and Work Life Balance (4.3/5). 


1. The Best and Worst things about working for FactSet

Best: The environment, people are amazing here.

Worst: Salary is not as high as in some competitors but it’s totally worth it.

Software Engineer II, Partners at FactSet


Best: Brilliant colleagues, work life balance, and free lunch.

Worst: The work can get repetitive.

Consultant, at FactSet


Best: Good diversity in workflow, Great colleagues with a vast variety of nationalities and cultures.Many learning opportunities, not just from your colleagues but also from your clients who usually are people with many years of experience in the financial sector. A lot of chances to take on more responsibility. Good working hours and a lot of freedom in day to day work if you can handle the freedom responsibly. Lastly free lunches 4 days a week.

Worst: No public areas where you can eat your lunch or just relax with colleagues. Lack of space as company is growing and taking in more people, however this will become better when the office space expands.

Consultant, Global Banking & Brokerage at FactSet


2. Average Working Hours

8.00AM – 6.00PM


3. Average Graduate Salary

£29,000 – £31,000


4. Interview Tips

Application Advice: Be prepared for 5 weeks of intensive training. Fully research the job before you apply because the recruitment process is thorough.

Interview Advice: Know the difference between the buy and sell side and about the roles of investment professionals.

Consultant , Sales at FactSet


Application Advice: Make sure you know what FactSet is/what services we provide. Know the difference between Investment Management and Investment Banking. Understand the competitive landscape and who we come up against, plus what our USP is. Be able to explain the role of a consultant and what kinds of queries we receive.

Interview Advice: What is the difference between IB/IM? What kind of datasets do IB/IM use?

Consultant, UK Investment Management at FactSet


Application Advice: Application involves Excel, Maths, and Finance Test. If you do not have a Finance background, make sure to do some research on basic Finance terminology.

Interview Advice: Make sure to understand the difference between Investment Banking and Investment Management.

Consultant, at FactSet


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