Banking and Finance Graduate Application & Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Banking and Finance

Application Advice: Understand why you want to work here. If it's just because it's a job, then don't apply. But try to understand TR, where they sit in the market and how they operate. If you're a good match, then your application will go far.
Interview Advice: Be excited. Ask questions. Get your true personality across as much as possible. Show how willing to learn you are.
Finance Graduate , Finance at Thomson Reuters
Application Advice: Know what the company does. Prepare, be enthusiastic and make an effort to speak to people.
Finance Graduate, at Thomson Reuters
Application Advice: Thomson Reuters wants to employ people who are willing to learn, innovative and hard working so remember to demonstrate these traits in your application form.
Interview Advice: Have examples prepared. The interview is mainly competency based, so you will need to tell someone about a time when you displayed a certain skill/behaviour. Try to remain calm and treat the interview as a conversation with a colleague.
Business Unit Controller, ET&O Controllership at Thomson Reuters
Application Advice: Be confident and don't be afraid to ask questions. Read the FT in the morning, and know in detail about a few recent headlines. It is important to have depth rather than breadth.
Interview Advice: What would happen if Greece left the Eurozone? Questions about the Referendum, interest rates, QE, banking crisis. Maths questions and brainteasers.
Analyst, Equity Research at Berenberg
Application Advice: Have the confidence to talk to anyone if you are curious about what they do in the Trust. There are a lot of passionate, accommodating people who are willing to give their time up if you have an interest in their field.
Interview Advice: Prepare, be ready to talk about what you've done and the competencies you have shown. When you get here relax, it seems to be a universal thing that everyone at the Trust is pleasant so just think about what you're saying and ask questions at the end.
Intern, Commercial Finance & Financial Accounting at Wellcome Trust
Application Advice: My main advice to a candidate applying for The Post Office graduate scheme would be to be fully prepared for each stage of the assessment process. It really shows when a candidate knows his/her stuff about the role and the company compared to one which has either done a small bit of research or none. Also, I would suggest that a prospective candidate knows his/her CV and competencies quite thoroughly as these are always a fundamental part of the screening process.
Interview Advice: As standard as it is, my advice would be to be yourself. It becomes much harder to maintain a front and is normally easily noticed by the interviewer as they as are quite experienced and tend to conduct interviews on a very frequent basis.
POMS Financial Analyst, Finance at Post Office
Application Advice: They must have an excellent university degree and an intersting curriculum. Standard CV's do not help to set oneself apart from other candidates. Having an intersting personality helps a lot.
Financial Analyst, Finance Reinsurance EMEA at Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd
Application Advice: Highlight the diversity in your background.
Interview Advice: Show genuine interest in the (re-)insurance industry. Demonstarte willingness to work in a team and be open-minded.
Treasury Officer, Capital Management at Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd
Application Advice: Come to the interview with an open mind, as the company is looking for someone who is not only intelligent and has broad exposure, but also someone who can fit in well with the team and build a good network and create a good working atmosphere.
Interview Advice: There were some scenario-based interviews, where you have to discuss in a group and present the result to the panel. So make sure that your opinion gets heard and also give a chance for other people to speak too.
Treasury Analyst, Treasury at Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd
Application Advice: Be honest and make the application process personal to you.
Interview Advice: You don't have to know everything about finance, but it's good to keep up to date with what's going on in the markets.
Analyst, Operations at MUFG Securities