Law Graduate Application & Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Law

Application Advice: Think about the career pathway.
Solicitor, Insurance/Commercial at DWF LLP
Application Advice: Be yourself. If you don't fit with the culture of the firm then it's not meant to be.
Interview Advice: Have lots of examples of your soft skills i.e. team working.
Trainee Solicitor, Property Dispute Resolution at Pinsent Masons
Application Advice: Financial Services and White Collar and Securities Litigation are Dechert's main practice areas. Therefore, if a candidate is interested in these areas, then Dechert may be the right firm for them. Applicants should mention any previously held roles of responsibility / leadership, be it as part of an extra curricular activity (such as a university society) or charity work.
Interview Advice: Candidates should read up on these two main practice areas above prior to interview and be able to ask and answer questions related to these areas. Candidates should be up to date with relevant commercial issues.
NQ, Litigation at Dechert LLP
Application Advice: The best research is done first hand, by speaking to people who work at the firm you are applying to - only then can you truly decide whether the place/role is for you. The work can be challenging and neither you, nor the firm, will gain from having a disenchanted workforce.
Interview Advice: Commercial awareness means being able to (and understand how to) service your clients. It does not mean reading the FT cover to cover. The best approach is to follow a story for a sustained period of time - from articles you will discover more about the sector/industry, what the companies involved are looking for, etc. Don't be afraid to say "I don't know the answer". Ideally, follow this up with a hypothesis/analysis that shows how you would approach answering the question.
Trainee Solicitor, Tax at Linklaters LLP
Application Advice: Spend more time than you think you need and really try to perfect each section; revise multiple times; get another perspective.
Interview Advice: Project confidence and positive attitude; be well informed of the sector, the firm and current developments, ask relevant questions.
Trainee Solicitor, Corporate / Investment Funds at Linklaters LLP
Application Advice: Give due consideration as to why a magic circle firm is a suitable choice for you. What are your interests? Where do you see your career going? If in law for the long term, which area of law do you want to work in? What are your expectations in terms of work/life balance?
Interview Advice: Research and preparation are key to success in an interview. Ensure you're across: (a) a few key news stories reported by the FT (or a similar news provider); (b) news about the firm to which you're applying; (c) some recent important deals/matters the firm has worked on; (d) an idea of where you might like to go, and why; and (e) some well-considered (and genuine) questions about the firm.
Solicitor, Capital Markets at Linklaters LLP
Application Advice: Be prepared for long hours but exciting work.
Interview Advice: Research the firm and don't give stock answers . Be familiar with workings of the City and global affairs.
Trainee Solicitor, Banking at Linklaters LLP
Application Advice: Think hard if you really want to practice law as a solicitor.
Trainee Solicitor, Projects at Linklaters LLP
Application Advice: Research the firm prior to applying, know which departments you are interested in ahead of time (even if you change your mind later on) and avoid typos.
Interview Advice: Come in knowing about the firm and willing to talk about current events.
Trainee Solicitor, Dispute Resolution at Linklaters LLP
Application Advice: Make sure there are no silly errors in your application (i.e. spelling, grammar, etc).
Interview Advice: Make sure you are up to speed on both the latest developments of the firm (know their strategy, points of focus, etc.) and, in particular, current events in the business world and beyond.
Trainee Solicitor, at Linklaters LLP