Retail Graduate Application & Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Retail

Application Advice: Be sure you know why you want to work in retail and make sure that the ethos of co-ownership means something to you.
Interview Advice: Be relaxed and be yourself. Engage with other candidates - there are 4 of us from my assessment centre in this year's cohort, so they may well become your colleagues!
Section Manager, Retail Management Graduate Scheme, Department Management at John Lewis Partnership
Application Advice: Think about what it is that you can do to add value to the company. Be prepared to work reasonable, but irregular hours that may make planning a social life more difficult. Be aware of the changing landscape in retail and how that may impact on companies such as JLP. Start the application early so you're not rushing last minute.
Interview Advice: There is a video interview if you get through the initial stages, which is strange at first, however, you get the opportunity to practice before the real interview begins. Just be relaxed... after all, you're only talking about yourself, not being tested on memorising information from a text book!
John Lewis Retail Management Graduate Programme, at John Lewis Partnership
Application Advice: Obtain retail management experience.
Interview Advice: Do a good presentation backing up points with evidence.
at BHS
Application Advice: Make sure that the role that you are applying for actually interests you so you will enjoy doing the roll you are in.
Interview Advice: Read up on what skills the position requires and make sure you can provide clear evidence that you have those skills. Also research the company and the company values.
Commercial Planner, Commerical at WH Smith
Application Advice: Know about the changes and transformation of BHS and retail. Be yourself and be honest, if you love retail then you will love the grad scheme. Be professional and ask for advice from graduates who are on the scheme.
Interview Advice: Basic core competency question - leadership, team work etc. Are you willing to relocate? Be prepared to present swot analysis.
Commercial Manager , at BHS
Application Advice: APPLY! It's the best decision you will make! Also don't forget to show your personality, it really is a business that looks at you as a person!
Interview Advice: Show personality, think outside the box, how would you influence people and service.
Grad - Commercial Manager , South west at BHS
Application Advice: Show your personality as well as ability.
at WH Smith
Application Advice: Do your research into the company and know what's going on with the retail market. Demonstrate your passion for retail and how you fit with the BHS values.
Interview Advice: Do your homework into the company. Show your passion for retail, fashion and being a natural leader. Visit a few stores before the interview and understand what is going on, how they differentiate and what opportunities you found.
Commercial Manager, at BHS
Application Advice: Show your personality Demonstrate leadership Understand the sector and bhs specifically
Merchandise Associate , Bhs Gift at BHS
Application Advice: Be yourself. Have experience and personality and think outside the box.
Interview Advice: Show enthusiasm and think about the way you are in a group.
Commercial manager, 24,000 at BHS