Retail Graduate Application & Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Retail

Application Advice: Make sure you have a good understanding of retail and the commercial environment. Do your research on the business and wider context. Practise numerical tests.
Interview Advice: Use STAR format to answer competency based questions. Don't talk to fast. Smile and be friendly. Be natural - don't try and be something you aren't.
Service Design Executive, Marketing at Sainsbury's
Application Advice: Be passionate for the Brand
Interview Advice: Show your personality
Merchandise Admin Assistant, Merchandising at Arcadia Group
Arcadia Group Profile
Application Advice: Really research the retail industry and trends happening in the market place. Brush up on your numerical, influencing and negotiating skills.
Interview Advice: Research Sainsbury's and our values - these are core to the business and only someone who shows they are aligned to these will be successful at interview. Really focus on customer and colleague these are the two pillars to the Sainsbury's business.
Buyer, Asian Fresh and Halal , Buying at Sainsbury's
Application Advice: Prepare a good SWOT analysis and know the brand role inside and out.
Interview Advice: Be cool, be relaxed and research day to day tasks. Think of how your experience can relate to your job.
International MAA, International at Arcadia Group
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Application Advice: Be positive ask questions show enthusiasm show that you're flexible willing to learn and push yourself
Interview Advice: BE NICE ask questions show your personality show your desire to progress and learn
Allocation Analyst, Merchandising - Menswear at TK Maxx
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Application Advice: Be yourself- TK Maxx employ a certain type of personality, and if you do not fit this then your application will not go any further. This especially benefits you in the long run, as well as the company. And if you do fit the company then you will love the people you work with and have a great time.
Interview Advice: Your knowledge of the whole company- including Homesense, Europe, and some knowledge of the head office in America.
Allocation Analyst, Merchandising at TK Maxx
TK Maxx Profile | TK Maxx Jobs
Application Advice: Make sure you understand what off-price business models are and what this means on the buying and merchandising function. Show your interest and curiosity into the business model and the business.
Interview Advice: General interview questions- focused a bit on problem solving and times you've been in difficult situations and how you've got around it.
Merchandising and Buying Placement, at TK Maxx
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Application Advice: If your interested in sport and the role you're applying to, then you stand a good chance. It's a company where fast learners and those who are proactive will do well.
Interview Advice: Make sure you understand all the key requirements for the role you're applying to, be honest and don't try and blag anything. Your interviewer will know exactly when you are. The team at SiS are all very friendly, be yourself and share your interest for sport.
Ecommerce at Science in Sport
Science in Sport Jobs
Application Advice: Do your prep, show an interest. Have work experience ahead of applying, ways in which you can demonstrate that you possess a host of skills.
Interview Advice: Do your prep and you'll be fine.
Development Manager, Supply Chain at Boots
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Application Advice: Display passion, open-mindedness and be willing to be flexible in your decision making.
Interview Advice: Research!
Assistant Merchandiser, Buying & Merchandising at TK Maxx
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