Retail Graduate Application & Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Retail

Application Advice: You must be a people person with a strong understanding of customer service and how to implement it. A passion of wine is also a plus.
Interview Advice: Important to be able to talk about customer service experience. Have a proper understanding of the Majestic offering which can be gained from the website. I'd advise visiting your local Majestic branch with some pertinent questions for staff there to get a better understanding of the day to day role. Research how to sell a particular red and white wine.
Manager, at Majestic Wine
Application Advice: It is all about customer service.
Interview Advice: Enthusiasm.
Manager, at Majestic Wine
Application Advice: Do your research about what you want from the role and how important self awareness and development is to you. Knowing your own strengths and development areas is key.
Interview Advice: Try and give answers from different areas of your life that display different skills and experiences eg; team work, ability to adapt to suit the needs of others, leadership, overcoming a challenge to achieving a great result, commercial awareness. Using the SMART model will help to structure answers but I would advise against scripting your answers.
Retail Management Graduate, at Boots
Application Advice: Boots hire on behaviours so just be yourself in your application.
Global Brand Portfolio Review Manager, Global Brands at Boots
Application Advice: Always be open, honest and most importantly be yourself.
Store Manager, at Boots
Application Advice: Be yourself, and be friendly and polite to everyone at the assessment day. It's not necessarily important to have the loudest voice in the room.
Interview Advice: At the assessment centre, I had to complete a negotiation task, a maths test and a group challenge as well as an interview.
Project Manager, Programme Managment at Boots
Application Advice: Be passionate. Do you research and know your numbers
Management Trainee, Marketing at L'Oreal
Application Advice: Be confident in your ability and be specific about your experience, lead the interview to your strengths and make sure you aren't just reeling off information- it is important to show you are social and a good communicator at L'Oreal
Interview Advice: See above.
Retail social media assistant manager, Communications at L'Oreal
Application Advice: Save yourself and don't apply.
Branch Manager, at Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Application Advice: Think about why they offer such a high salary to graduates before applying - you will work all hours of the day and weekends. Any retail experience will look favourable on your application, leadership is also something they look for as it is very much a leadership role.
Interview Advice: Need to have a good knowledge of the company and its history. Definitely visit a store before you go for interview and have a look at store standards etc. Think of some interesting questions to ask as they will judge you based on the questions you ask too. In the group interview you have to give two presentations on the spot so practise your presentation skills before you go. In the final 1 on 1 interview with the MD you will be grilled on everything you say - you will have to give in depth examples of when you have displayed any skill. You need to display confidence without being arrogant and you need to fight you're corner. Trust is very important to the company so you need to display integrity.
Area Manager, at Aldi