Retail Graduate Interview Questions and Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Retail

"Show a passion to learn and a drive to change things and challenge the way things are done. "
Assistant Buying Manager, at Boots
Boots Jobs
"The role is extremely challenging and not for the faint hearted. The right person would need to be dedicated, with a willingness to learn and to put the time and effort in, overcoming any hurdle. If you have natural leadership qualities, along with a balance of empathy and a passion for improving the customer shopping trip, then the opportunities are endless. The assessment stage of the recruitment is difficult but not something that can really be prepared for. Be yourself, as it is designed to pick up on particular qualities not on technical knowledge. Read books such as the "One Minute Manager" and "Emotional Intelligence". "
Graduate Trainee - Store Management , at Tesco
"Be ready to work hard and get involved - make yourself heard!"
Graduate Trainee, at Tesco
"Have lots of retail work experience and time meeting new people from all walks of life. Be yourself at assessment centre and do not try and tailor yourself to the company."
Graduate Store Manager, at Tesco
"Make sure you are comfortable with moving, don't just think it will never actually happen. They ask about mobility at the application on purpose. Bring your personality"
Graduate Trainee, at Tesco
"One Minute Manager: Raving fans is a great book and describes the importance of customer service. In the application process, be yourself. They don't want everyone to be the same, fresh ways of thinking and working is embraced by Tesco"
Store Graduate, at Tesco
"Do your research on the company! There is a great Tesco Plc website which will give you knowledge that will become useful later. Go in and ask to spend a day in your local Tesco. They won't mind and will show a real willingness to learn. Be confident retail is for you. So many people think they can handle a customer-facing environment and it's very tough, but very rewarding!"
Graduate Trainee - Stores, at Tesco
"Familiarise with Tesco performance esp. annual trading statement, Philip Clarke's blog, etc. Think about what the Challenges/opportunities are in retail in the near future. Think about what your difference is - Tesco have hundreds of thousands of employees, what is it you bring that we don't have already? "
Graduate Trainee, at Tesco
"Get a part time job in a store over the summer to get some hands on experience in retail."
Graduate Trainee, Internet Retailing at Tesco
"Be yourself. Show variety of interests and demonstrate how your ambition will push you far in the company."
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