Retail Graduate Application & Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Retail

Application Advice: The people who love working at Majestic most are those who fit with our culture: energetic, entrepreneurial hard workers, who enjoy interacting with customers to give great service and are excited about growing the company (and hence your bonus/share package). Before applying, go into a store and talk to the team to get a feel for whether you would enjoy working there. Read the news about how we are modernising Majestic - it's a really exciting time to work here!
Interview Advice: Be yourself - it's a very relaxed, down-to-earth culture.
Business Development Manager, Business Strategy at Majestic Wine
Application Advice: Make sure you understand the companies model.
Business Technology Graduate (Operations), IT at TJX Europe’
Application Advice: Understand off-price model and show that you have shown flexibility and adaptability in the past.
Interview Advice: Be open to change and be yourself.
Finance Graduate, Finance at TJX Europe’
Application Advice: Be yourself in the process, work with other candidates not compete against them. TKMaxx values smart, ethical and honest individuals above all else.
Business Technology Graduate, IT at TJX Europe’
Application Advice: Focus on your abilities to build relationships and clearly demonstrate where you've been able to do this successfully in the past, on an individual and group basis! It's an enormous driver within our daily working life here! Also, ensure that you try and demonstrate a desire for being extremely inquisitive. This will be absolutely integral!
Interview Advice: Be prepared to take on a few challenging exercises and scenarios, which may require a bit of blue sky or 'out of the box' thinking. More than anything, ensure that you've thoroughly researched what separates our business from our competitors and what makes us so unique as both a multinational retailer, business and organisation.
Business Analyst, at TJX Europe’
Application Advice: Be curious, open and honest in what you want to get out of the role.
Interview Advice: Do your research on TK Maxx and the off price model.
Senior Analyst, Merchandising at TJX Europe’
Application Advice: Be yourself.
Loss Prevention Graduate, Loss Prevention at TJX Europe’
Application Advice: Show your personality.
Interview Advice: Understand the off-price model.
LP grad, Loss Prevention at TJX Europe’
Application Advice: Through each step, stay true to yourself and give your best, that usually pays especially at TK Maxx. Make sure that you are prepared for some logical and technical tests.
Interview Advice: As above, be yourself. Be confident in your skills and your experiences while being humble. That is how you are going to excel.
Senior Allocation Analyst, Merchandising Menswear at TJX Europe’
Application Advice: Be yourself and demonstrate examples to support all of your answers!
Interview Advice: Show confidence with your opinion!
Senior Analyst, Merchandising - Womenswear at TJX Europe’