Transport, Logistics and Distribution Graduate Application & Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Transport, Logistics and Distribution

Application Advice: Make sure you are in a position to/and happy to move around the UK for placements. This scheme relies on you being proactive with your own development, be prepared to have to work at creating your own development plan.
Interview Advice: There is a very open, friendly and down to earth culture across all First Group businesses. If you successfully make it to our assessment centre make sure to use this time not only to "showcase" your skills but equally your personality. We want to get to know you and you should want to get to know those assessing at the interviews as you'll likely be working with them one day!
Rail Operations Management Graduate Trainee, at FirstGroup
Application Advice: Consider carefully what you want to get out of the scheme.
Interview Advice: Make sure you think questions through before answering.
Operations Graduate, UK Bus at FirstGroup
Interview Advice: What challenges in the industry are you most interested in solving?
Assistant Consultant, Transportation Advisory at Steer Davies Gleave
Application Advice: Research the local and global business, and be aware of current objectives and challenges.
Graduate Engineer, Graduate Programme at Siemens
Interview Advice: Have a basic knowledge of the railway.
Scheme Sponsor, HS2 at Network Rail
Application Advice: Be yourself as you want to work for a company that fits you. Do a lot of research.
Interview Advice: Do lots of research on the company and job role.
Graduate National Supply Chain, Route Services - Contracts and Procurement at Network Rail
Application Advice: Research the company before. Be yourself in the interview - they look for people who are team players and natural, not people who are pushy or who talk over others.
Interview Advice: 'Talk about a time when'... you've worked in a team/met deadlines/led a team/changed your mind/received feedback etc.
Shift Station Manager, Network Operations at Network Rail
Application Advice: Take time with your application and ensure that your answers show your skills as best they can.
Interview Advice: Think of the STAR method when responding to questions - Situation Task Action Result. All of your answers should follow this format. Be calm and be yourself. Dress smartly. Keep eye contact. Don't rush.
Route Support Manager, Network Operations at Network Rail
Application Advice: Be honest, try and highlight as much previous work experience as possible. Using your experience to express what you have learnt and how you have changed.
Interview Advice: Try and remember the shared themes across the wider industry i.e. railway industry is safety critical.
Project Sponsor, Network Operations at Network Rail
Application Advice: Show what you would like to do at Network Rail.
Graduate, Network Operations at Network Rail