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The UK’s Leading Graduate Job Review Site

Described as the 'TripAdvisor for jobs', TheJobCrowd.com is unlike any other graduate employment website. Each year, the website attracts millions of users, helping people accelerate into their careers.

TheJobCrowd is a unique platform that works with students, through to graduation and beyond. We offer a variety of products and services from ‘Application and Interview Tips’ for students and graduates, all the way to ‘Benchmark Reports’ that detail insightful data to employers about the graduates they hire.


Graduates and Students

TheJobCrowd learns about what students want for their careers, guides them on what employers are searching for and even offers graduates updates on current vacancies. Once in employment, TheJobCrowd asks graduates to review their places of work; this offers future graduates the opportunity to get careers advice from the inside. Towards the end of the academic year, an annual Awards Ceremony is hosted to celebrate the Top UK Companies for graduate employment, enabling graduates to identify the greatest places to work.

The site hosts thousands of reviews, all written anonymously by graduate employees. Potential candidates can read each employer review and gain a unique insight into what it's really like to do specific jobs, at particular companies. Data is pulled together from all the reviews to provide information such as average salaries, working hours and ratings for a range of key categories. Additionally, visitors can gain insights to application advice, interview tips and up to date application information.


Top Companies

TheJobCrowd is here to make early career recruitment more enjoyable. With over 200,000 visitors a month, your early career vacancies reach the right candidate, just by showing off your sucesses.

Register to take part in the UK's only Early Career Employer Review community, based on real life experience. Early career employees complete an anonymous survey to get your company ranked as a Top Company. We host both the Top UK Graduate Companies and the Top UK Apprentice Companies.

We celebrate our Top Companies at an annual awards show and distribute our Guides to every University and School. Early career candidates can also browse TheJobCrowd site, searching industry, company or vacancy; discovering all they need to know about working for you.