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Technical Graduate, Technical at Barratt Developments
at Barratt Developments

What are the best and worst things about your job? Best:
Best is being able to work with a diverse work force (liaising and meeting with many consultants - architects; engineers; planners; ecologists etc.) and with many departments (being in Technical means you have strong relationships with all the departments - Land, Commercial, Construction, Sales - and the flexibility of working in the office or out on site.
It can be a little difficult, at first, rotating through each department as you sometimes find yourself settling and then moving onto the next venture. That being said, as well as mentioned in the 'best things about your job', you learn how to work in different environments.
What is the annual salary for this role? Starting salary: £23,000 - £25,000
Current salary: £23,000 - £25,000
What hours do you actually work, on average?
08:30 - 17:00
What advice would you give to someone applying to this role? Application Advice: Think 'big picture' - understand where the industry is heading and where the business itself wants to be compared to its competitors. Understand the workings of the industry and its relationship with the government/financial health of the country. Do a lot of background research about Barratt, its brands (David Wilson, Ward Homes, etc.) and understand what makes them leader of the housebuilding sector.
Interview Advice: Again, 'big picture focus' - Barratt, being most successful housebuilder, is constantly thinking ahead of its competitors so understand how. As well as that, communicate valid, strong examples when you've worked well as a team and the techniques you used, and when you've had to overcome a difficult situation - these questions always crop up. Communicate why you've got an interest in the housebuilding sector.
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Job Title:
Technical Graduate
How long have you been at the company?:
£23,000 - £25,000
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Date of Review: 18th Apr 2017
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