Best and Worst Things About easyJet

This page tells you the Best things and the Worst things about working at easyJet - all the information is taken directly from easyJet graduate employee reviews

- Great 3 week induction to the company and some instant exposure to senior management in the business. - Responsibility from day 1. I've been given projects to work on that really make a difference to the business, and not just within IT. - The team I'm in view me as a real resource to be utilised rather than as a fresh grad that needs to be mollycoddled. - easyJet are very keen on personal development, there's a large number of internal courses they run. In addition, my team have put me on two external training courses since I started (3 months ago) to better equip me for my placement and as such I now have two more qualifications under my belt. - Of course, working for the best airline in the world obviously also comes with ridiculously good staff discount on flights! - Sporadic flow of work, there are times when you're running around the business like a headless chicken to meet a deadline, and others when you can sit at your desk for the better part of a day catching up on admin/paperwork. Although, this is perhaps a commentary on the nature of the airline industry rather than easyJet specifically - Some (a small minority) in the business can view grads as being glorified PA's or administrative assistants, and knowing you're a grad - take a long time replying to emails or not reply at all. - Location of work could be better, but that's not really a criticism so much as it is my own reservation! - Steep learning curve, especially in my role - although this is probably a commentary of graduate schemes as a whole rather than specifically to easyJet! - Lack of structure to the grad scheme, although I understand there is a a LOT of work going into improving this for the next grad intake.
Business Analyst, at easyJet
The company is made up of really passionate people and offers great travel benefits (and right next to the airport, so easy to travel straight from work!). The hours aren't too rigid and you get the opportunity to work with people from all levels and departments, if you take the initiative. The graduates tend to get a fair bit of responsibility with means some great experience. There are also plenty of schemes that mean you can get to know all the business areas, such as 'back-to-the-shop-floor' days in the air and helping out on the ground in the airports during busy periods.The graduate scheme will give you what you put into it.There is a flat management structure, so it could be difficult to progress upwards in some areas and there is a very real possibility that there won't be a job open in your function when you finish the graduate programme. The company is very lean, so the teams tend to be fairly small so you could find yourself slightly stretched at times. There is also the problem that some staff members treat the graduates as students still, despite many having several years of experience.
Brand Assistant, Marketing (Brand) at easyJet
It is a very fast paced company where no one gets to get bored, and is actually a very friendly and open environment to work at. The position itself has high exposure to high profile work and to senior management. Nothing, probably the workplace location could be better.
Network Development, Commercial at easyJet
Feel well intergrated and supported by my team. Enjoy the nature of the work - now a lot of project work where I have a lot more influence and control over how and when I do things. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Regular travel to other bases and events across the network. Level of responsibility you're given from the start. Trained as Cabin Crew as part of the placement which gives you invaluable insight into the work they do to create your on board experience, and also what goes on behind the scenes. Feel like a valued member of the Cabin Services team rather than just an extra.The scheme is not well structured and although I've liked staying in one department for the full time, it's not really what I signed up to as I wanted a wider view of operations.
Cabin Services Graduate, Cabin Services at easyJet
- Support and training opportunities given - The ability to move around the company into areas of interest - The responsibility given from day 1 - The working hours - The working culture - work hard play hard - The smart casual dress code - Cheap flights!- The lack of formal structure of the graduate scheme
IT Graduate, IT at easyJet
I really enjoy working for an airline and being able to solve any compliance kinks which could prevent the company from striving in the long term. I find everyone I deal with really friendly and easy to work with.Month end roll over can be tiring but for sure not a huge complaint.
Tax & Risk Assistant, Tax & Risk at easyJet
Fast pace, healthy, growing company Excellent CEO Efficient employees Easy going employees willing to help graduatesLocation - LUTON
Network Planning and Scheduling Analyst - Graduate, Commercial and Marketing at easyJet
The best thing about this job is the range of possibilities. I am currently on an IT rotational placement so I do 4 x 6month placements over the 2year period. Though I am also able to branch out of my main function of IT and am encouraged to do a placement outside of the area so that I can gain a wide breadth of knowledge. You can also get put on big projects with which you can see the results quite quickly due to the fast-paced environment of easyJet.Sometimes you may need to ask for more work to do as it isn't just handed to you. So you would need to push a bit for this.
Business Analyst, Central Systems at easyJet
Good opportunity to build relationships internally and externally Flat heirarchial structure Good opportunity to see different areas of the business Little organisation with regards to future planning/progression for graduates - however this is now being addressed
Operations Control Centre Analyst , Operations at easyJet
Depending on where you sit in the business, there is the opportunity to travel and to experience different countries culture and values. Depending on who your manager is/where you sit in the business, there is the opportunity to get actively involved in live business projects. The company is expanding and commercially going from strength to strengthI believe that there is no structure around the graduate programme Different graduates get different levels of opportunity and responsibility. The development is mostly internal to save on costs meaning there is rarely the opportunity to get externally recognised qualifications- this has to be self-funded even though the graduate programme is meant to nurture and develop talent'. Sometimes it feels like there is a stigma around the graduate programme- being a graduate can have negative connotations and graduates can end up doing administrative work. I believe that in the past when graduates have expressed an interest to go into a business area to learn more about it, it has been denied by HR for no understandable reason. The jobs at the end of the programme are described as 'pot luck' (you may not get what you want in terms of a job even though you have been developed to succeed in one area, and following this- headcount in some areas is simply not increased to make space for graduates.
Customer and Airport Standards Officer, Commercial and Marketing at easyJet